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Chapter 2810: Whose Phoenix is this? (5)

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Huang Yueli said the wrong thing and couldn’t blame it, so she could only try to persuade Little Phoenix.

Little Wang Cai had enough of throwing his tantrum and lifted its little chin, looking at her delightfully. “Now, do you know the importance of This Lord? If you want This Lord to go to God Realm with you, then you’d have to agree to my requests! I want to eat three, no, five drumsticks every day! And I also want to wake up on my own! And, and…”

Huang Yueli was getting more and more sullen and in the end, she simply couldn’t bother to continue listening.

“Enough, your requests are too much and I can’t satisfy you. For your health, I think it’s better for you to stay in Soaring Heavens Continent…”

“What??” Little Phoenix was dumbstruck.

He assumed that once he raised his own value, Huang Yueli would be crying to ask him to go with her and agree to all his requests!

However, she actually asked him to stay behind?

Huang Yueli said with a sad look, “Although I really can’t bear to part with you, I really can’t delay you any further! Since I can’t give you happiness, then I choose to let go…”

Saying that she flicked her sleeves and stopped looking at Little Phoenix.

Little Wang Cai started to burn with anxiety and jumped up as he screamed. “Wa…Wait! Don’t give up so fast! We… there’s still room for negotiation… Why not this, I can eat two chicken drumsticks a day… otherwise, one will do! And…”

Huang Zixiao saw the two creating this farce and his lips couldn’t help but twitch continuously.

He somehow understood how an ancient spiritual beast had been led astray by Huang Yueli…

No way, he had finally corrected Wang Cai’s bad habits so he absolutely would not allow Huang Yueli to let it run loose again…

Thinking of this, Huang Zixiao coughed again. “Alright, both of you be quiet! It’s not time for you to squabble right now!” His eyes suddenly turned to Huang Yueli and said, “You should have sensed it already! You broke through and reached the tenth stage realm and the heavenly tribulation will be coming very soon. Now, the tribulation clouds are already starting to gather above the inheritance tower’s skies!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli kept away her smile and nodded solemnly. “That’s right, I’m already starting to sense a little bit of pressure…”

As she had once witnessed Li Moying’s ascension process, so Huang Yueli had a rough understanding of the heavenly tribulation.

When a practitioner broke through to the tenth stage realm, the tribulation cloud would start to gather above the place where that person was. The quantity of the heavenly tribulation would vary among individuals. The gathering time and size of the tribulation cloud were also different.

Huang Zixiao said, “If you are going through the nine stage heavenly tribulation, then with the inheritance tower’s protection, you will be able to pass through it safely. But now, your innate talent is too heaven-defying. So I can almost confirm that you will be facing the ten stage heavenly tribulation! Ten stage heavenly tribulation’s power is something that even early historical remains like the inheritance tower could not handle. Hence when you advance, there would be a certain risk. You must not treat it lightly.”

Huang Yueli solemnly nodded her head. “I understand!”

After she experienced Li Moying’s heavenly tribulation process, she knew clearly how powerful the tenth stage heavenly tribulation was!

But she didn’t feel that she wouldn’t be able to pass through it.

Back then, Li Moying didn’t have any Profound Armament on him, not any arrays or mechanisms for protection. He relied entirely on himself and managed to ascend.

Now, she was in the inheritance tower, and she had several life-saving items. So there would be no problem at all..