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Chapter 2803: Advance! Tenth Stage Realm! (2)

Huang Yueli shut her eyes tightly, sensing the various complicated information that was flowing into her brain.

This time, the complexity of the runes was much stronger than in previous times!

Her mind buzzed and she sensed an intense wave of dizziness. Her complexion also started to turn pale.

Sixth stage conceptualization runes were just too complicated. It had surpassed her expectations by a lot and it made her feel unbearable. It almost impacted her soul trace, causing a serious injury.

Huang Yueli didn’t dare to slow down and immediately activated the Sky Phoenix Ring, taking in a large portion of the runes!

But even so, her mind was still dizzy. Those runes kept swimming around her eyes, which made her unable to cool down and think.

At this particular moment, Huang Yueli was feeling remorseful!

She had underestimated the sixth stage conceptualization difficulty. She assumed that she had the Sky Phoenix Ring with her so she didn’t stop and started to comprehend the runes without any rest or intentions of easing the flow!

If it wasn’t for her good luck and also a rather powerful soul trace, she might be injured this time!

“Looks like I have to be more careful next time! I cannot afford to be so rash again! Luckily, the sixth stage conceptualization has already been taken in successfully, so I can slowly comprehend it… the difficulty of the seventh stage conceptualization is too high. After I finish comprehending the sixth stage conceptualization, I should prepare myself to leave this place…”

Huang Yueli silently thought to herself on her next course of action while comprehending the runes.

She didn’t know that she had just created a miracle and didn’t intentionally risk her life to break some record. In comparison, she was willing to steadily advance within the acceptable range. After all, the most important thing to her at this current stage was to ascend to God Realm and reunite with Li Moying.

As long as she could reach the tenth stage realm, she would be able to think of ways to raise her ability when she went to God Realm.

God Realm’s resources… should be much better than Soaring Heavens Continent?

Huang Yueli made up her mind and sat cross-legged on the ground. She was totally focused on the process of comprehension and quickly went into a state of anatta.

Outside the drawing, Huang Zixiao and Little Wang Cai were watching Huang Yueli, who was still seated in front of the <> intently with their eyes wide open. They didn’t even dare to blink at all.

Ever since she comprehended the fifth stage conceptualization and triggered the former clan leader’s spiritual imprint, the two of them had not left at all!

Huang Zixiao was truly shocked!

A ninth stage realm on her first try in comprehending conceptualizations had comprehended fifth stage conceptualizations!

This meant that when she ascended to God Realm, she would immediately advance to Dream Profound Realm mid-phase.

So, this was the abnormal existence of god grade geniuses!

After experiencing god grade genius’s true ability, Huang Zixiao did not dare to slack off. He was worried that Huang Yueli might fall into a situation when he wasn’t paying attention. So he simply stayed by her side, waiting for the moment for her ascension.

Whereas for Little Wang Cai, it was glad that Huang Zixiao had no time to bother about it. So it could be lazy!

However, as Little Phoenix was worried about Huang Yueli, it chose to stay next to her, hoping to give her some encouragement.

“Female Devil, you can do it! Quickly bring me to God Realm to find my brother…”

Perhaps Little Wang Cai’s prayers were effective, an obvious Profound Energy fluctuation suddenly started to stir up in Huang Yueli’s body!

Huang Zixiao immediately noticed this and ran up to her. He agitatedly stood right next to her!