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Chapter 2777: Depends on the ability (4)

Hearing that, Huang Zixiao was truly stunned.

“What? Ascended to the God Realm? The space barrier in Soaring Heavens Continent has just been opened and he has already ascended?”

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “In reality, when Lord Zhan used the Blood Moon Great Array as a sacrificial ceremony, it only created cracks in the space barrier. The real reason for it to shatter was that my husband advanced into the tenth stage realm and attracted the tenth stage heavenly tribulation. Its power was too huge hence it completely shattered the space barrier into pieces…”

“Tenth stage heavenly tribulation!!!” Huang Zixiao’s body trembled and almost fell from the sky.

“Are you sure you saw that clearly? Is it really the tenth stage heavenly tribulation?? Have you seen it wrong? Even for God grade geniuses, not everyone could attract tenth stage heavenly tribulation!”

Huang Yueli shrugged and said, “Of course I saw it clearly! So as I was saying, my husband is a genius and he might be more powerful than me! But even if he’s more powerful than me, I will not allow him to flirt around.”

Huang Zixiao totally didn’t hear what she said and kept mumbling to himself, “Tenth stage heavenly tribulation… Tenth stage heavenly tribulation…”

Apparently, hearing the tenth stage heavenly tribulation gave him a big blow and he was not able to regain his senses even after some time.

Initially, Huang Yueli waited for him patiently. But after a while, seeing that he was still in a trance, she could only step up and give him a reminder.

“Cough cough, I say, Senior Huang. I’ve already told you all the things you wanted to know, so is there anything else that you want to ask? If there’s none, can you hurry up and bring me to take part in the third stage trial?”

Huang Zixiao regained his senses and said, “Young lass, you’re still so young, so can you have some patience? What will happen if you wait for another two hours or so?”

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him. “You’ve already heard what I said, my husband is someone who could attract the tenth stage heavenly tribulation god grade genius! He ascended to God Realm alone and I’m really not assured! I have to break through to the tenth stage realm as soon as possible, and reunite with him in God Realm!”

Hearing that, Huang Zixiao showed an enlightened look. “That’s right, you’re absolutely right! You must use marriage to tie this kind of top-rated genius to Sacred Phoenix Race! You’re right, we have to grab hold of time quickly. Come over with me now. You must cultivate properly and quickly pass through the third stage trial!”

Saying that he impatiently got up and beckoned to her. “Come with me!”

Huang Yueli saw his swift and decisive reaction and was rendered speechless….

Wasn’t he the one who said there was no rush? Didn’t he ask her to ditch Li Moying?

Why was it that after he heard about his overpowering innate talent, he was in such a hurry to make her hold onto him?

Looks like as compared to Soaring Heavens Continent, God Realm was indeed a place where they looked at abilities. Only the strong would be able to gain respect from others!

Huang Yueli hastily followed Huang Zixiao and they passed by a light screen to a well-hidden secret room.

When she reached there, Huang Yueli immediately sensed the dense Profound Qi inside. It was much higher than outside. The Heaven and Earth Profound Qi had already condensed into a substance and there was a mist inside the entire secret room.

In the middle of the room was an exquisite drawing.

Even though the surroundings were misty, Huang Yueli’s sight was instantly attracted by the drawing.

A huge phoenix was depicted right in the middle of the scroll. It looked lively, and every single feather, each veined pattern could be seen clearly.

The huge phoenix spread its wings and raised its neck into the sky to cry, as it’s surroundings were blazing with flames!