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Chapter 2804: Advance! Tenth Stage Realm! (3)

While she was comprehending the fifth stage conceptualizations, she had already reached the ninth stage realm. Moreover, her Profound Energy was speedily rising. Very soon, she entered ninth stage realm peak.

Now, there were evident signs of upgrade in her Profound Energy, this meant that she was already standing on the doorstep of the tenth stage realm!

Little Phoenix also ran over excitedly. It propped its cheeks with both arms and looked at her side view in anticipation.

Huang Yueli’s Profound Energy fluctuations were getting stronger by the minute.

At the same time, the sweat on her forehead was dripping down quickly. Her body temperature also increased gradually.

The secret room’s Heaven and Earth Profound Qi’s intensity was originally much stronger by ten times the outer world. Right now, the intensity of the Profound Qi was being led along and gathered around her. It formed into a Profound Qi vortex, enveloping her in between!

This kind of thick Heaven and Earth Profound Qi became Huang Yueli’s best aid in advancing!

As compared to the time when Li Moying was advancing into the tenth stage realm, she had it much easier!

Huang Zixiao also controlled the arrays within the inheritance tower, trying his best to ensure that the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi in the secret room would keep accumulating, to help Huang Yueli advance!

It only took one hour and a distinct Sacred Phoenix Reflection could be seen behind her back!

This virtual image was much larger and luxurious than the previous two times when she advanced. It totally occupied the inheritance tower’s space!

Little Phoenix sensed the familiar energy contained in the Sacred Phoenix Reflection and couldn’t help but flap its wings to fly towards the Reflection!

However, Huang Zixiao wasn’t having it easy. He looked at Huang Yueli who sat still all this time, and his face revealed an anxious look.

Because until now, Huang Yueli was still maintaining a connection with the <> and her soul trace was still trapped within the drawing!

He was well aware of the situation. It was evident that Huang Yueli was still comprehending the conceptualization. He didn’t know if she couldn’t bear to come out or was it because she had reached a critical point in her comprehension process with no way to break it off easily!

But no matter what the reason was, maintaining the current state was an extremely dangerous matter for her.

She was about to advance so even if she was at an important juncture of comprehension, she should immediately leave the drawing!

Otherwise, even if she could advance successfully, she would have to face the heavenly tribulation immediately!

Heavenly tribulation wasn’t a joke. Even if her innate talent was very high, she had to use all her efforts to fight against it. If her soul trace was still within the drawing, it was no different from digging her own grave!

Huang Zixiao’s brows grew tighter and tighter. The distance between his hand and Huang Yueli’s shoulder was only an inch away. But he just couldn’t decide if he should forcefully disengage her from the drawing!

This was his first time encountering such a situation. Perhaps this was his first time encountering a ninth stage realm practitioner who was comprehending the fifth stage conceptualization of the <> at her first try.

Because of this, there had never been any other practitioner encountered an advancement while they were in the middle of comprehension!

Following the passing of time, Huang Yueli’s body temperature rose, and the entire secret room radiated scorching fire-attributed energy, as though it was about to burn up!

Huang Zixiao was burning with anxiety. On seeing Huang Yueli’s impending advancement, he had no other choice but to prepare himself to interrupt her comprehension.

But just as he was about to stretch out his hand, Huang Yueli’s body suddenly swayed!