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Chapter 2756: The One Who Ascended Was Li Moying! (3)

It was until now did the practitioners wake up from their dreams. They turned their heads towards Old Madam Ling.

She was already in a daze and her face was very swollen.

Her skin was originally filled with wrinkles and now after it swelled, it looked like a sedge paper that had been soaked in water. Her looks were really horrifying and anyone who saw her felt like throwing up.

“You… you guys…”

Old Madam Ling was so angry that she wanted to curse at them.

But the minute she opened her mouth, she felt a sweet feeling in her throat, and with a plop, she spat out a mouthful of blood. A few yellowish teeth also fell out along with the blood.

Old Madam Ling lowered her head and she almost jumped up in fury!

Those were her remaining few teeth. Usually, when she ate, she relied on those few teeth to bite but now it was all gone! Based on her age, her lifespan was already at its end. So no matter how good the medicinal herbs were, there was no way to grow them back. In the future, she would only be able to drink porridge.

“You all… damn it! Wretched lass… you’re simply a big bully!” With her teeth, that old woman couldn’t even curse properly.

Huang Yueli swept her a cold glance. “Why? Still haven’t learned to know your place? Do you want me to give you a few more slaps?”

Old Madam Ling was so angry that her face flushed red, but yet she could not say a single word at all!

She dared to hoot so brazenly earlier because Huang Yueli was still young. She felt that the latter would not dare to disrespect her. Whoever knew that Huang Yueli was so vicious. She totally had no misgivings to strike at all!

This kind of guts and bearing made everyone feel that they were looking at Li Moying himself!

Old Madam Ling stared at Huang Yueli fiercely but she didn’t dare to say a word. She looked at Guardian Yan instead, hoping that he would stand up for her!

Everyone came together but she was given such a harsh slap. If the allies from various powerhouses don’t fight back, wouldn’t they become the laughing stock in the entire Sky Emperor City?

Whoever knew that Guardian Yan was so shocked that he didn’t even take a look at Old Madam Ling.

He wasn’t so upset like Old Madam Ling and he knew how to tell what was right or wrong. Hearing Huang Yueli’s words, he already formed a terrifying guess in his mind!

Thinking of the past few days where there was extremely powerful Profound Energy fluctuation and adding on to the shattering of the space barrier, that was enough to shake the earth. The thunderous scene left Guardian Yan horrified!

“Bai… no, Madam Li, what exactly do you mean? Sovereign Li he… where exactly has he gone to?”

Huang Yueli swept everyone a glance and said lightly, “Half a month ago, my husband Li Moying had already broken through to the tenth stage realm in Northern Ice Fields. He had already passed through the heavenly tribulation and ascended to God Realm.”

She did not plan to conceal Li Moying’s ascension from everyone.

After all, Li Moying did not show himself and that would definitely attract various rumors. It would only attract various Sects’ endless probing if they used some excuses like go into closed door cultivation or whatsoever.

Since that was so, why don’t they just announce to everyone that he had already ascended to God Realm? They could also let everyone know that Li Moying was indeed the Number One Top Expert on the Continent!

In this way, it would raise Blue Profound Sect’s reputation further!

Huang Yueli’s words were like a bolt of thunder that came crashing down on their heads, causing all of them to be stunned.!

Even Old Madam Ling, who was brandishing her claws, also became dumbstruck and remained rooted to the ground.

After sometime later, Guardian Yan finally found his voice. “Sovereign Li he… he really ascended? Why… how is this possible? There had been no practitioners from Soaring Heavens Continents who could ascend to God Realm in the past tens of thousands of years!”