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Chapter 2755: The One Who Ascended Was Li Moying! (2)

They were acting like b*tches but still pretending to be innocent!

This kind of behavior was utterly shameless!

Unfortunately for them, these tricks were equivalent to digging their graves when they met Huang Yueli!

She took a few steps up and walked out from Cang Po Jun’s back. She said in a cold but calm tone, “You wish to meet my husband?”

“That’s right!” Guardian Yan stared at her gloomily and said, “Please invite Sovereign Li to come out!”

Old Madam Ling also snorted, “Does Sovereign Li know that he’s in the wrong, hence he doesn’t dare to show himself?”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards and she spoke slowly, “Just based on your innate talent and cultivation, you might never get a chance to meet my husband for your entire life!”

Everyone was stunned.

After a moment later, Old Madam Ling snorted coldly, “Why? Why can’t we meet him? Why put things in such a roundabout manner, just be frank! Li Moying has already died in the Northern Ice Fields! He dares to oppose Lord Zhan so he’s getting his just desserts!”

She had already affirmed that Li Moying was dead. So when she heard what Huang Yueli said, she didn’t think too much and just understood it in the way she thought it was.

Liu Buyan and the others were rather speechless on hearing her say that.

This old woman was really trying to dig her own grave! Huang Yueli had already said it so clearly, but she still can’t understand!

Moreover, she dared to curse Li Moying?

Whoever didn’t know that Huang Yueli hated people to say that Li Moying was dead the most!

This old woman’s finished!

As expected, Huang Yueli’s expression sank and a gloomy look was seen in her eyes. She said sharply, “Presumptuous! Earlier Guardian Jun had already warned you and on account that you are old, he decided to let you off. Whoever knew that you still dared to spout rubbish in front of me! Men, slap her!”

A loud slap resounded!

Cang Po Yu took a step forward and struck the old woman’s wrinkly face without warning!

This slap was just too sudden and no one had responded to it at all. Even Old Madam Ling was still in a daze after she was slapped.

No one expected Huang Yueli to be so overbearing!

Li Moying wasn’t here, but she dared to strike an established practitioner like Old Madam Ling!

The most miraculous part was a top rated expert like Cang Po Yu actually followed her unreasonable command without thinking!

But no matter how stunned everyone was, all this had really happened.

Moreover, Cang Po Yu didn’t just stop at one slap. He continued slapping Old Madam Ling.

“Pa pa pa pa pa pa—”

Dull thud sounds reverberated in front of the mountain entrance. None of the stunned practitioners dared to stop him!

Old Madam Ling wanted to fight back but when she retreated, Cang Po Jun blocked her from the back and restrained her meridians.

These two Blue Profound Sect’s Guardians had higher ability than her. When the both of them struck together, she totally had no chance to fight back.

After a moment later, Huang Yueli said coldly, “Enough, Old Madam Ling is so old already. Just a small lesson will do. Let’s not pursue this any longer. We Blue Profound Sect respect our elderly very much.”

Everyone almost spat out blood when they heard that!

She taught the other party a lesson and still dared to say that they respect the elderly?

Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu answered with a yes and retreated behind Huang Yueli.