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Chapter 2757: The One Who Ascended Was Li Moying! (4)

Huang Yueli said indifferently, “Practitioners weren’t able to ascend because Soaring Heavens Continent was enveloped by the exterior demonic qi which formed a space barrier. That made the entire continent’s Heaven and Earth Profound Qi extremely scarce and also prevented practitioners from ascending. Now you should be able to sense that the space barrier has already shattered. Heaven and Earth Profound Qi are much denser than before! Moying was already on the verge of advancing. Of course, he could ascend so quickly.”

Hearing this explanation, most of them started to believe in her.

Everyone could feel Heaven and Earth Profound Qi becoming dense. Based on Li Moying’s innate talent which had surpassed everyone, it wasn’t strange for him to ascend.

But even so, this news still left every practitioner stunned! They totally could not regain their senses!

Ascend to God Realm!

Li Moying really ascended to the God Realm!

This original fact that was recorded in ancient manuals had not been witnessed by anyone in the real world.

Even if a handful of practitioners present were already in ninth stage realm peak, but ascending to the God Realm was a miracle which they didn’t dare to imagine!

Moreover, Li Moying was just twenty-three years old!

A twenty-three-year-old tenth stage realm practitioner, just thinking about it made one’s knees go weak!

For a moment, everyone went silent. They thought about the mighty Li Moying, then thought about their abilities and they were filled with complicated emotions.

Just at this moment, Old Madam Ling started to screech. “No… it’s impossible! This wretched lass Bai Ruoli is lying! How can Li Moying possibly ascend to God Realm? Northern Ice Fields is Lord Zhan’s turf! No powerhouses could fight against an ancient god clan! The one who broke through the space barrier should be Lord Zhan, so the person who ascended must be him! Li Moying must have been killed by Lord Zhan, don’t be deceived by this wretched lass!”

Everyone went blank for a moment, then instantly regained their senses.

Yes, Lord Zhan was still around! He wanted to kill Li Moying long ago!

How could Li Moying possibly fight against Sacred Phoenix Race? Even if he didn’t die, how was it possible for him to ascend?

A twenty-three-year-old tenth stage realm, how could there be such a ridiculous story?

Many practitioners were originally shocked by Li Moying’s ability and achievements. But thinking in this way, their hearts started to flutter again.

An old voice followed suit, “That’s right, what Old Madam Ling said is right! This is indeed suspicious! After all, Li Moying is not the former Mu Chengying, and his cultivation is not the same as before. How could he possibly escape from Lord Zhan’s clutches? Madam Li said he has ascended, what proof do you have?”

The person who spoke was Grand Elder He from the Seven Stars Palace.

Huang Yueli sneered, “Proof? Why do I need to show you any proof? Whether you believe it or not, what’s it got to do with me?”

When various powerhouses’ disciples had scouted the news from the Northern Ice Fields sometime later, they would naturally know who was the victor of that battle when they realized that Snow Phoenix Palace had been razed to the ground.

But now, Huang Yueli didn’t have any proof. Even if she had, there was no obligation for her to prove to those people.

However, many people misunderstood when they heard what she said.

They subconsciously felt that Huang Yueli must have told a lie to scare them off.

In an instant, all the practitioners who were still half-hearted all started to feel confident again. They recalled their purpose in coming to Blue Profound Sect.

Grand Elder Ho fiddled with his beard and said, “Madam Li, I know that you’ve just got married and also lost your husband so you must be overly upset. But you can’t tell a lie because of that.”