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Chapter 2754: The One Who Ascended Was Li Moying! (1)

Cang Po Jun imbued Profound Energy into this shout. Although it was just one word, it was sonorous and made all the practitioners shiver!

Old Madam Ling’s eyes widened as she did not expect to be interrupted so brazenly.

However, Cang Po Jun totally couldn’t be bothered about her. He continued to say, “Old Madam Ling, who gave you the right to insult our Sovereigness! Do you really think there’s nobody in our Sect?”

His voice was harsh and it caused Old Madam Ling to go into a fluster.

After all, Cang Po Jun’s ability had already surpassed hers. Facing such a top exponent, she was still rather afraid.

However, Old Madam Ling wasn’t willing to be embarrassed so she acted tough. “What? Did I say something wrongly? No matter what, I’m still your Senior. A young lass like Bai Ruoli actually mocked me? I’m already so old, so what’s wrong with teaching her about how to be respectful? Your Sovereign Li didn’t teach her well, that’s why an old woman like me has to help him!”

Her words were indeed shameless. To put it nicely, she was trying to sell her knowledge. To put it blindly, she was poking her nose into her face.

Even all the other powerhouses’ practitioners heard that and found it ear-piercing.

But they didn’t forget their motive in this visit so they were determined to stand on Old Madam Ling’s side, to speak up for her.

“That’s right, Old Madam Ling is a respectable senior in the art of cultivation. She personally came to visit Blue Profound Sect. Never mind that you don’t serve her properly, you even insulted her. That’s simply acting like a bully!”

“She’s just a lass who’s gotten Sovereign Li’s favor. Does she really treat herself as the Sovereigness? Without Li Moying, what would you be?”

The practitioners’ hooting was getting louder.

Initially, everyone was rather afraid. But under Old Madam Ling’s gaze, they braced themselves and continued with the abuses.

But while scolding, they realized that Li Moying really seemed like he wasn’t on the Snow Cloud Sky Ship!

Otherwise, when he heard these abuses toward Blue Profound Sect and his fiancée, Li Moying would definitely not be able to sit still. They would already have become dead people!

But now, there was no sight of Li Moying at all. Evidently, he didn’t come along with Huang Yueli and the rest.

That proved that he had definitely died in the Northern Ice Fields!

Everyone was invigorated when they thought of this!

It seemed like they were right in coming today. They must grab hold of this chance and lay their hands on Blue Profound Sect’s inheritances!

Sky Devil Sect’s Guardian Yan immediately stood out and shouted, “Where’s Sovereign Li? Where did he go to? Invite him out quickly! His wife had insulted a Senior, so we’d like to ask him to give us an explanation! Otherwise, we will ask for it ourselves!”

Hearing that, everyone echoed in agreement. “That’s right, ask Sovereign Li to give us an explanation!”

Looking at everyone’s indignant looks, Huang Yueli’s lips curled up coldly.

If Li Moying was here and they wanted him to give an explanation, it would definitely be “throw them all into the snake pit to feed the snakes”!

These people knew this point and they could tell that Li Moying wasn’t around, Hence they dared to say such things.

They aimed to push all the responsibility to Blue Profound Sect.

They said Huang Yueli was disrespectful to the senior first and Li Moying refused to make his appearance to explain. In this way, no matter what “excessive” things they did, it was only logical.