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Chapter 2753: Never Learnt Their Lesson (7)

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In front of them were these famous fogies. They subconsciously felt a cold chill running down their backs!

This young lady… was not simple!

But very quickly, the practitioners all regained their senses and felt that they had lost their self-control.

What was wrong with that? This young lass was not even twenty yet. If not for an abnormally powerful husband, who would bother about her? They were all awe-struck by Mu Chengying’s past name hence they developed hallucinations to feel that this young lass was unfathomable …

Illusion, it was definitely an illusion…

Old Madam Ling coughed hard as she opened her mouth and spoke impolitely, “You’re Bai Ruoli? Do you know who I am? I’m Celestial Heavens Gate’s Grand Elder, also called as Fairy Ling by others!”

Saying that she lifted her chin and waited to see Huang Yueli’s shocked expression, for her to come fawn on her.

However, Huang Yueli merely shot a cold glance at her and didn’t say a word.

She recognized Old Madam Ling. When she was besties with Ling Qing Yu back then, she had seen this tiger lady many years ago at Celestial Heavens Gate. Back then, she felt that this old lady often looked at people with slanted eyes. From the looks of it now, it seemed that she was indeed a terrible role model. When she was acting shameless, young people just couldn’t catch up to her!

Old Madam Ling saw her cold attitude and felt that she was disrespected. She screeched again, “Bai Ruoli, did you hear what I say?”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled up slightly and she turned to face Liu Buyan and smiled. “Senior Brother, do you hear anyone talking?”

Liu Buyan’s eyes were cold and he spoke with a superficial smile, “Is there anyone? Junior sister, surely you’re not developing acouasm at such a tender age, right? There’s no one talking at all. All I hear is a dog barking! Junior Sister, if there’s a problem with your ears, we should get Master to administer treatment for you!”

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “Senior Brother you’ve been thinking too much. There’s nothing wrong with my ears! There indeed is a dog barking, and it’s an old dog! Even the mosquitoes do not dare to stop in front of it, but it insists on calling itself a ‘Fairy’! Just how thick is the skin?”

Liu Buyan blinked his eyes puzzledly, “The skin is indeed very thick. But why don’t the mosquitoes dare to stop in front? What does this mean?”

Huang Yueli replied indifferently, “The entire face is full of wrinkles. So when the mosquitoes stop, they might be squashed to death by those folds! Although they might be small insects, they also value their lives very much!”

Liu Buyan couldn’t stop himself from bursting out in laughter on hearing that.

Not only him, Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu also laughed very loudly, just short of rolling on the floor with laughter.

Even various large powerhouses who came to sought trouble with them started to snigger as they stole a glance at Old Madam Ling.

When she was young, she was indeed one of the famous beauties in Sky Emperor City. Hence that was why she had the nickname “Fairy Ling”. But that was when she was young. Now that she’s already a few hundred years old, she still claims that she’s a Fairy so that made everyone shocked by her shamelessness!

When Old Madam Ling heard the repeated laughter, her embarrassment turned into anger. She pointed at Huang Yueli and berated, “I’ve heard of you! You’re still so young but managed to rely on the Number One Sacred Land’s Sovereign. You’re indeed scheming! But now Li Moying isn’t around and there’s no one to protect you. So you’d better learn your place. Otherwise, I don’t mind giving you a lesson on what is called respecting your elders!”

She had just finished her sentence when Cang Po Jun’s face turned cold. He shouted, “Presumptuous!”