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Chapter 2727: Nine Stage Heavenly Tribulation (7)

Moreover, even if those ninth tier Profound Armaments were still around, it probably would be of much use when facing the heavenly tribulation.

Adding on to the condition of Li Moying right now…

Huang Yueli was feeling apprehensive.

Bai Liufeng felt a little jealous when he saw his obedient daughter getting so worried about that stink brat. But above all, he was feeling sorry for her.

They had finally gotten rid of Lord Zhan and relieved the hidden dangers. It had just been a few days of peace when this sort of situation happened again.

Bai Liufeng walked up and hugged Huang Yueli. He spoke softly, “Lass Li, don’t worry. I can tell that the brat’s innate talent is extremely high. Moreover, he has a rich battle experience where he can remain calm even during crucial moments. He is a true top expert. Although this happened so suddenly, I’m sure he will be able to get through it safely.”

Hearing that, not only was she comforted, her expression turned into worries.

Even if she was confident in Li Moying, but that was after all a heavenly tribulation!

He blinked and pushed Bai Liufeng aside. Then she turned to Huang Siluo as she humbly pleaded for help. “Mother, what do you… think Moying’s situation is right now? How much possibility does he hold, to be able to pass through this heavenly tribulation safely?”

Without a doubt, Huang Siluo had the most understanding of the God Realm among everyone present.

She had never been to God Realm, but as Sacred Phoenix Race’s Holy Maiden, she had read numerous ancient manuals. Compared to her, even Huang Yueli was like a bumpkin.

Huang Siluo could tell that her daughter was worried so she wanted to comfort her. “Lass Li, don’t you believe in your husband? I can tell that Moying has exceptional innate talent and luck. He is outstanding in every way and will have great achievements when he is God Realm. He’s merely advancing into the tenth stage realm now so there shouldn’t be any problem. Moreover, I’ve seen his recent cultivation situation and somehow I feel that… he doesn’t seem to be an ordinary human race, right?”

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “I suspect Moying might have the Cloudy Qilin clan’s bloodline. We had once entered the Cloudy Qilin Mystic Region and almost died inside. Later on…”

She narrated the situation back then when she and Li Moying were in the mystic region.

Huang Siluo’s eyes widened as she said astonishedly, “You say…. Moying is a part of the Cloudy Qilin clan??”

Huang Yueli nodded. “It should be so.” She noticed that Huang Siluo didn’t look very well and asked anxiously, “Mother, is something wrong?”

Huang Siluo paused and after a while, she continued, “Nothing, I am only a little surprised. I did not expect the Cloudy Qilin Clan to have bloodlines in Soaring Heavens Continent as well.”

What Huang Siluo was thinking about was something else.

Cloudy Qilin Clan and Sacred Phoenix Race had been mortal foes in God Realm. Although they were not at the point where they would kill each other when they met, they did not interact at all. As for intermarriages, that was unheard of…

If Li Moying was really from the Cloudy Qilin Clan, then when Huang Yueli went to God Realm with him, there might be grave trouble…

But that thought merely flashed past Huang Siluo’s mind. She did not say much about it.

After all, Soaring Heavens Continent and God Realm were cut off for at least more than ten thousand years.

Perhaps after such a long time, Cloudy Qilin Clan and Sacred Phoenix Rave might have already reconciled? Then there was no need to add more worries for Lass Li.

Huang Yueli’s mind was focused totally on Li Moying so she could not tell that Huang Siluo’s tone sounded weird.

She stared fixedly at Li Moying who was in mid-air, hands clenched into fists.