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Chapter 2725: Nine Stage Heavenly Tribulation (5)

It was hard to imagine the astonishing amount of energy and how much power had gathered within that slit in the sky!

Perhaps it might be sufficient to flatten the entire North Sky Region, turning Soaring Heavens Continent into a barren land!

However, what terrified Huang Yueli more was that this slit was right above Li Moying’s head and it was facing the thunder region around Li Moying.

The energy that radiated from this slit was directed at Li Moying.

Moreover, the two explosions earlier might probably be caused by the energy which hit the ground.

“This… this…”

Everyone stared blankly at this astonishing and strange scene, and no one could say a word at all.

But Huang Siluo’s eyes suddenly widened and she mumbled to herself, “Li Moying, he… he’s really going to breakthrough to the tenth stage realm! This… is the heavenly tribulation descending!”

“Heavenly tribulation??”

“Madam Bai, what did you say? This is the heavenly tribulation??”

“Sovereign is really going to advance? But… this… how is this possible?”

Hearing Huang Siluo’s words, everyone regained their senses and started to scream, as each person was extremely shocked.

Most of them were ninth stage realm peak practitioners, so they had more or less heard of the heavenly tribulation.

It was said that during ancient times, when practitioners were about to advance into the tenth stage realm, they would cause an abnormality around the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi to form a heavenly tribulation! As long as they managed to pass the tests from the heavenly tribulation, they would be able to shed their mortal body and undergo transformation. The Profound Energy in their bodies would become more substantive and turn into azoth.

When it came to that stage, the Lower Realm couldn’t accommodate such a powerful existence so those tenth stage realm practitioners would be expelled from the Lower Realm’s plane and ascend to God Realm.

Although everyone heard of this matter, none of them had witnessed it for themselves.

Soaring Heavens Continents had been enveloped by a demonic qi for more than ten thousand years and there was no way for them to communicate with God Realm.

In the past tens of thousands of years, not a single practitioner had been able to break through the restrain of the space barrier, to reach the legendary tenth stage realm!

Now, could Li Moying possibly be… could he be the first tenth stage realm top expert in these ten thousand years?

How did Li Moying manage to do it?

When Lord Zhan was at his peak, his ability was already very powerful. Moreover, he exhausted all his efforts and did so many bloody atrocities such as gathering so many talented practitioners’ blood essence. But even so, all his efforts came to naught, and he wasn’t able to ascend successfully!

Li Moying… could he do it?

Huang Siluo’s gaze stopped on that crack which did not cease to stop expanding. Even though her eyes were bloodshot from staring at that piercing blinding electric currents, she didn’t shift her gaze away at all.

“I don’t know what’s going on… but, this electric current… should mean Soaring Heavens Continent’s space barrier has already appeared a crack. The outer world’s Heaven and Earth Profound Qi keep gushing in through that slit!”

“Slit?? But didn’t Lord Zhan say that Soaring Heavens Continent’s space barrier was extremely solid and just based on a practitioner’s Profound Energy, it was impossible to breakthrough? Even his Blood Moon Great Array wasn’t able to blast this demonic qi’s barrier!” Bai Liufeng looked puzzled.

Huang Siluo spoke in a low voice. “That’s only something that I’m guessing. It looks like Huang Zhanxiao tried to use the blood moon to impact the space barrier. Although he didn’t manage to break through it directly, it did cause serious damage to the space barrier so the slit should be there. But now, Li Moying’s cultivation underwent a great improvement, and he’s already at the breaking point of the tenth stage realm. His aura emitted out of the slit and attracted the heavenly tribulation!”