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Chapter 2724: Nine Stage Heavenly Tribulation (4)

Rampaging thunder attributed Profound Energy was enveloped within the radius of ten miles of his body.

Bolts after bolts of electric currents formed a net to become an impenetrable thunder zone.

That kind of overpowering invasive energy was sufficient to make any practitioner’s scalp go numb. Whoever wanted to go nearer would be turned into ashes under the impact of the electric current.

Huang Yueli’s eyes widened and she sucked in a breath of cold air, looking blankly at the scene in front of her.

The others also saw this alarming scene and immediately felt that their bodies had turned stiff, rendering them immovable.

All of them immediately gathered next to Huang Yueli after they finally regained their senses.

“Heavens, this… this is too horrifying! That stinky brat Li, what… what kind of ability is this? Is he still a human?” Bai Liufeng was dumbstruck, not daring to believe in his own eyes.

Speaking of this, he was one of the more knowledgeable people in their group. He obtained Sage Yu Xu’s manuscript which recorded many God Realm’s talented people.

But in comparison, none of them could be compared with his Lass Li.

Bai Liufeng witnessed Huang Yueli’s advancement and thought that nothing could possibly alarm him any longer. Whoever knew that it was just a short moment later and he was given a tight slap on the face!

Li Moying’s momentum had already surpassed Huang Yueli by a huge notch.

Huang Yueli blinked. She knew that Li Moying was actually not an ordinary human race, and he was from the Cloudy Qilin Clan. However, she was not in the mood to explain further.

“Moying he… could it be that he is about to advance? But when his primordial spirit merged, he was already at ninth stage realm peak. Yet he’s about to advance now. Doesn’t that mean…” The more Huang Yueli thought, the more horrified she got as she started talking intermittently.

Cang Po Jun continued in alarm, “Grandmaster Huang, you mean to say… Sovereign is going to advance to the tenth stage realm! This… how is this possible?”

Huang Yueli spoke with a grave expression, “I also felt that it was unbelievable. By right, our Soaring Heavens Continents and God Realm aren’t connected, and with such scarce Heaven and Earth Profound Qi, it’s impossible to allow any practitioners to breakthrough to the tenth stage realm… How could Moying possibly…”

She was in the middle of her sentence when Huang Siluo suddenly cried out in alarm, interrupting her.

“Lass Li, quickly take a look! That side of the sky! This… what is this??”

Huang Siluo’s voice was shaking and it made it difficult to tell what she was saying. It proved to show that she was feeling extremely terrified!

Huang Yueli and the others hurriedly looked in the direction where she pointed and they were instantly dazed.

“This… what is going on?”

In the sky above the Northern Ice Fields, in the boundless vast sky, a piercing icy blue light split open the sky.

This light was like a scar that extended across the sky, and it resembled a crack on an eggshell.

Moreover, this crack kept on expanding towards both ends of the sky. It seemed like a destructible force that expended pressure from the outside, as though it was trying to break the sky into half!

Whereas in this slit, the energy kept on gathering to form a huge force field suspended in the middle of the sky.

Even though the crowd was standing so far away, they were able to tell how horrifying the crack was!

Moreover, it was just a small portion of energy that seeped through the crack!