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Chapter 2726: Nine Stage Heavenly Tribulation (6)

“The heavenly tribulation was blocked on the outside and had no way to enter Soaring Heavens Continent, so it could only squeeze the space barrier. That causes the original faint slit to crack even further. It’s like someone squeezing an egg that already has a crack. It wouldn’t take long to crack the shell.”

Hearing Huang Siluo’s explanation, everyone went silent for a moment, as all of them agreed with her saying.

Indeed, this was the only way to explain this.

But immediately after, they thought further about this and their expressions started to change.

“In that way, that two bolts of terrifying energy is… the heavenly tribulation? Even with the space barrier in the way, it could still strike?” Huang Yueli’s brows furrowed as she asked.

From the current situation, the person who was most concerned and worried was her!

Although Li Moying’s primordial spirit had merged into one, under such a critical situation whereby he was forced to break through and raise his cultivation was actually not stable at all.

Moreover, his meridians and physical body were injured during the battle with Lord Zhan and he might not have totally recovered.

Originally, everyone assumed that Soaring Heavens Continent’s space barrier was still intact. So if Li Moying wanted to breakthrough to the tenth stage realm, it wouldn’t be that easy. He just needed to cultivate a few years and when Huang Yueli was almost at the ninth stage realm peak’s bottleneck, the two of them would slowly find a way to break through the space barrier. There was more than enough time to do so.

By then, Li Moying’s injury would definitely have recovered.

No one expected such an unexpected incident to happen…

The space barrier was actually damaged and the Profound Qi fluctuations that Li Moying gave off during cultivating attracted the heavenly tribulation!

In this way, Li Moying had no choice but to breakthrough to the tenth stage realm!

Huang Yueli had read from some ancient manuals in the past. She knew that when practitioners were trying to break through to the tenth stage realm, it was a major event and an extremely difficult task, even if it was in God Realm!

Ancient god clan’s bloodline was much stronger and since birth, they were able to cultivate to the ninth stage realm easily without any risks. The difference in innate talents only affected the cultivation speed. But no matter what the innate talent was, there was no risk during advancement. And that was the main reason why Li Moying and Huang Yueli had such a simple time advancing through the realms.

But it was different when it came to the tenth stage realm. This was the first checkpoint that god clan practitioners faced.

Numerous god clan practitioners smoothly cultivated until ninth stage realm peak but when they were advancing into tenth stage realm, they would meet with the biggest hurdle in their entire life!

It was fine if they just couldn’t break through it.

The worst was that they were already right at the doorstep of the tenth stage realm, but they weren’t able to go through because of the heavenly tribulation!

Many god clan practitioners sustained serious injuries when they tried to pass through the heavenly tribulation. Some lost consciousness and were not able to recover even after thousands of years, whereas others simply died on the spot!

So to the large families in God Realm, whenever there were disciples in the clan who were advancing to the tenth stage realm, it was a major event. So they would prepare loads of god relics and medicinal pills for supplementary use. They would also assign the clan’s Elders to protect them. Through various measures, they were able to guarantee the clan’s talents to advance smoothly.

But now, Li Moying was in Soaring Heavens Continent. So it was impossible to get the clan’s Elders to stand guard and protect him.

Moreover, he only had an Amethyst Light Sword with him. The other ninth tier Profound Armaments had already been melted by the Blood Moon Great Array during the intense battle with Lord Zhan.