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Chapter 2723: Nine Stage Heavenly Tribulation (3)

From far away, Huang Yueli could see the ruins on the ground. The little hut that she built with great effort had been struck by lightning into shambles.

Li Moying was missing, as though he was buried in the ruins.

“Moying, Moying!! How are you?? Don’t scare me!”

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but suck in a mouthful of cold air, as she speedily ran towards the little hut!

The power of that lightning was something that everyone had experienced for themselves.

Everyone was ninth stage realm peak exponents but they didn’t have any chance to escape at all, as they were all sent flying.

Moreover, they were standing rather far from the center of the explosion, about three to five miles away. Even though they were standing so far away, they could feel the powerful might. What more for Li Moying who was standing right in the middle of the explosive site?

Even though she was rather confident of Li Moying’s ability, meeting such a situation still made her feel a chill running through her body, as she was filled with worry and fear.

Huang Yueli dashed up without a care for her own wellbeing.

Whoever knew that just at this moment, Bai Liufeng and Liu Buyan shouted out at the same time.

“Lass Li, you can’t go over!”

“Junior Sister, come back quickly, it’s dangerous!”

The both of them shouted and stepped forward at the same time. Holding her on each side, they grabbed Huang Yueli’s arm and pulled her back immediately!

“Wait, let go of me first, Moying he…” Huang Yueli looked anxious and wanted to struggle free from them.

But they were after all experienced ninth stage realm peak practitioners. Under their full strength, she wasn’t able to struggle free easily.

Huang Yueli was dragged back helplessly.

“Father, you…”

She had just opened her mouth when a bolt of blue lightning struck down, towards that shabby hut where Li Moying was!


Huang Yueli gave a sharp cry, but before she could take any action, another strong flaring reflection took away her vision once again! Everything turned dark!

At the same time, a gust of powerful Heaven and Earth Profound Qi came gushing towards everyone!

This time, the strength of the ray of electric current was much stronger than the previous bolt by several folds!

Even if Bai Liufeng and the others were already prepared and hastily retreated backward, they were still unable to take on such a heavy impact. All of them started to fall onto the ground.

Moreover, this time around, the bright light had a much greater impact on them. Huang Yueli could barely see the situation before her after a temporary loss of vision. Her eyes kept tearing, and it was no different from a little bunny with bloodshot eyes.

Even so, she still tried her best to open her eyes. She got up at the first instance and ran towards Li Moying.

She only took a few steps and was shocked, as she stopped in a daze.

She saw a ball of bluish-purple glow slowly rising from the little hut.

In the center of the glow was a tall and powerful figure.

—That person was Li Moying!

His perfect, handsome face was as cold as ice and his eyes were slightly shut. His thin lips pursed, and he was holding the Amethyst Light Sword tightly in his hands while being enveloped by rays of bluish-purple electric currents!

Behind him was a pair of thunder wings which had been formed from pure thunder attributed Profound Energy!

This pair of thunder wings slowly extended and it spread out to a few hundred feet long. It resembled two bolts of heavenly thunder which pierced through Heaven and Earth!