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Chapter 2722: Nine Stage Heavenly Tribulation (2)

With a “bang”, Huang Yueli’s body crashed heavily onto the ground.

Luckily, the nearest layer of ice in the Northern Ice Fields had already melted, and everywhere was full of soft snow and mud, so her injury wasn’t very serious.

But when she landed, it created a great snowflake and a human-sized pit appeared on the snowy land.

“Cough cough, cough cough!”

Huang Yueli climbed out from the snowy land and coughed several times, as she tried to cough out the snow which she had accidentally eaten while falling. Then she looked around anxiously to search for Huang Siluo and the others.

Luckily, not too long later, she saw them standing up consecutively and hurriedly ran to them.

“This… what is the situation? Why did we suddenly…” Bai Liufeng frowned.

“I don’t know. We were standing there and not doing anything when this burst of energy suddenly came crashing on us…”

“Speaking of them, was Grandmaster Huang advancing just now? Could it be that Grandmaster Huang’s innate talent was too high, so it caused some abnormality in the Heavens and Earth?” Cang Po Yu guessed.

Everyone turned and looked at Huang Yueli.

Indeed, she was the most suspicious person among them. Everyone was merely just looking by the side, and they didn’t have the ability to cause any abnormality at all.

Huang Yueli pointed to herself and asked astonishedly, “You’re saying… me? But, I don’t have… wait!”

Saying that she suddenly froze and a horrified look appeared on her face!

Everyone was shocked by her reaction and they quickly asked, “Grandmaster Huang, have you thought of something?”

She frowned and said hastily, “Moying… Where is Moying? Did any of you see him??”

When she said that, everyone was stunned!

Huang Yueli suddenly advanced. Not only did she advance by a large realm, she even transformed that shocking Sacred Phoenix Reflection! Everyone’s attention was naturally placed on her, and no one noticed that someone was missing!

It was until now that everyone then realized that Li Moying had not appeared once from the start of Huang Yueli’s advancement!

Cang Po Jun, who was stunned suddenly, regained his senses. “Right, Sovereign had been in closed door cultivation since some time ago! When Grandmaster Huang was advancing, he didn’t come out at all. This… could it be that he had met with some trouble?”

His expression was slightly grave.

Whoever knew that in Li Moying’s heart, the most important person was Huang Yueli!

Under normal circumstances, when Huang Yueli was advancing, no matter which point of cultivation he was in, he would definitely come out to stand guard for her.

But now, no one saw him or even his shadow at all…

That was only one explanation: Li Moying had encountered an exceptionally dangerous situation which he was cultivating!

Hearing Cang Po Jun’s words, everyone immediately understood and appeared rather surprised.

Huang Yueli instantly raced towards Li Moying’s room!

The room which Li Moying was cultivating was not too far from her room. But earlier, that mysterious electric current threw all of them a distance away, and they could not see the situation for the moment.

The few of them moved quickly, following behind Huang Yueli, and only took a couple of breaths before they came near to Li Moying’s room.