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Chapter 2721: Nine Stage Heavenly Tribulation (1)

“Just based on this innate talent, even if she wasn’t a god grade genius, she would become a somebody in God Realm!” Huang Siluo muttered and following that, she seemed to have thought of something and got excited. “No wonder they came up with this prophecy during that year’s Sacred Phoenix Race’s ceremony! So it’s really true! With an exceptional peerless genius like Lass Li, the Sky Phoenix Ring had been restored successfully! Surely it wouldn’t be long before our clan resumes back to the past glorious days?”

She was feeling excited but not too long later, her emotions started to fluctuate and dropped.

Because of the results from a prediction, their entire branch in Soaring Heavens Continents had mostly died. No matter what, the price of this was just too high…

Everyone waited outside excitedly for a moment and saw Huang Yueli walking out slowly from her room.

Although she was full of sweat and the clothes on her were stained with dust, it totally did not affect her temperament.

After she broke through to the ninth stage realm, her ability soared and the aura around her changed.

The current Huang Yueli was much more elegant and intangible than before. It seemed as though there was a faint hint of glow around her, which gave off a strong practitioner’s presence!

All of them walked up to her and started to give their congratulations for successfully advancing.

Huang Yueli seemed rather tired but her face was full of smiles.

Although it wasn’t the first time she had advanced to ninth stage realm, it still made her jubilant that she was able to reach such a standard in such a short period within this lifetime.

According to this kind of cultivation speed, she would not need to take long before she could reach her former cultivation in her past life. Furthermore, she would build on the foundation and improve further, spiking towards the tenth stage realm which she had not been able to attain in the past!

Huang Siluo looked at her bloodshot eyes and said worriedly, “Lass Li, you must have exhausted a lot of energy after advancing so many realms. Do take a shower and have a good rest. I have some ingredients in my interspatial ring and I’ll make some food for you to eat.”

Huang Siluo’s culinary skills were extremely great and it was much better than Huang Yueli’s. Even Liu Buyan also claimed that Huang Yueli’s culinary skills should be inherited by her mother.

Huang Yueli smiled and nodded her head. She hugged her mother’s arm, saying sweetly, “Thank you, Mother. Then I’ll first…”

Before she could finish her sentence, suddenly, a silver-blue glint flashed past her eyes!

That ray of light flashed extremely swiftly but it was very eye-piercing. In an instance, it made everyone lose their visions, leaving only a piercing white image in their eyes!

Following that, a penetrative and overbearing power descended from the sky with a horrifying aura!

Everyone felt a sense of crisis instantly!

But there was already no chance to react!


A deafening explosion rang!

At the same time, a tremendous impact swept towards them, sending all of them flying!

This burst of energy was simply too powerful. Even those top rated practitioners in Soaring Heavens Continent who had powerful abilities had no way to resist this ability at all!

Their bodies were like kites where the strings were cut loose and fell far far away!

Huang Yueli wasn’t spared as well. She originally had just advanced and the Profound Energy in her body had yet to stabilize when she suffered such an intense impact of energy!

At the same time, there was a dull feeling in her chest. Her blood and qi were totally disrupted, and she even spat out a mouthful of blood in mid-air!