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Chapter 2720: Advance, and advance again (5)

Before they could even finish exhaling, they sucked in another mouthful of cold air upon hearing this.

Two bursts of airflow crashed against each other and were stuck around their chest, suffocating them.

Momentarily, they started to cough. Liu Buyan and the others had a suffused deep red color and looked as though they were going to choke to death.

It took great effort for Liu Buuyan to finish coughing. He found his voice and said, “Madam Bai, next time when you’re going to say something, can I trouble you to finish talking about it in one go? I wonder what innate talent does my Junior Sister have? Could it be that she’s a god grade genius?”

Huang Siluo swept him a glance and shrugged, “I don’t know as well.”

Liu Buyan was dumbfounded, “Don’t know? What do you mean?”

Huang Siluo’s lips curled into a smile, “What I said earlier were things which I read from the ancient manuals which Sacred Phoenix Race collected. But how exactly they are being differentiated, I have never witnessed it personally so I cannot confirm what innate talent grade does Lass Li belong to. But at least there’s one point. Lass Li’s innate talent is extremely outstanding. Even during ancient times, it was rare for Sacred Phoenix Race to have a genius who could make this Sacred Phoenix Reflection appear.”

As a mother who had such a talented daughter, she naturally felt extremely proud.

Huang Siluo put her hand around the smiling Bai Liufeng’s arm and both of them looked at the sky.

Everyone also suppressed the shock in their hearts and lifted their heads to take a look.

At this moment, Huang Yueli’s advancement had already reached the last stage.

The Sacred Phoenix Reflection had congealed into shape and it looked no different from the genuine phoenix’s spiritual body that appeared when the Sky Phoenix Ring was restored.

Sacred Phoenix’s wings flapped gently and a fire attributed energy of a thousand miles was invoked. It formed a scorching wave and radiated around the surroundings.

The sweat on Huang Yueli’s forehead kept dripping and the Sky Phoenix Ring’s mark in between her brows seemed to be engraved by a sharp knife, reflecting a horrifying blood-red colour!

Although it seemed like an urgent situation, Huang Yueli’s Profound Energy flow did not meet with any obstructions and was very smooth right from the start.

However, the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi that she attracted was just too much. It instantly gushed into her body and she almost couldn’t contain it all, which could cause her to explode!

Luckily she had the Sky Phoenix Ring and her body was refined by the True Phoenix Fire and she wasn’t any weaker than any ordinary low leveled god relic. Hence she could take on such a powerful Profound Qi impact!

She breathed slowly and deeply. Her heart was as still as water, slowly directing these Profound Qi into her dantian accordingly, as she spiked towards the ninth stage realm checkpoint!

It took a long time when the Sacred Phoenix spirit gave off another ear-piercing cry!

At the same time, its body also started to shrink at a visible speed…

Fire attributed energy was being absorbed into Huang Yueli’s body at an astonishing speed. When it reached a limit, it suddenly broke through that step!

Ninth stage realm!

Sacred Phoenix Reflection slowly faded away and the surrounding’s scorching temperature started to decline. The great fluctuations also started to ease down.

The group who had been anxiously waiting for Huang Yueli to advance finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“Looks like Junior Sister has successfully advanced!” Liu Buyan said joyously.

Huang Siluo nodded her head, her eyes filled with joy. She appeared extremely excited, “That’s great, Lass Li had advanced successfully! Her innate talent is actually so outstanding!”