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Chapter 2719: Advance, and advance again (4)

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Bai Liufeng looked confused as well. After some time, he nodded, “… That’s right! From the looks of this, Lass Li is about to advance!”

Liu Buyan’s lower jaw almost dropped onto the ground in surprise. “W..Wh…What do you mean? Junior Sister is really going to… going to advance?? Is she about to break through to the ninth stage realm?!”

He was so astonished that he couldn’t even speak properly. He felt like he had been struck by lightning, in a dumbfounded state.

Although the others weren’t as exaggerated as he was, everyone was extremely astonished as well.

Each of them was Soaring Heavens Continent’s top experts so they naturally knew how difficult it was to advance into the ninth stage realm!

These people were all famous peerless geniuses then. But they only advanced into the ninth stage realm after thirty years old.

Whereas now, Huang Yueli was only seventeen and she was just about to step across this step!

This… what kind of innate talent was this?

Even if she had the ancient god clan’s bloodline, wasn’t this a little too ridiculous?

Even Huang Siluo who had the pure Sacred Phoenix Race’s bloodline was also so shocked that she became incoherent. “Lass Li this…. Sacred Phoenix Reflection., this is the Sacred Phoenix Reflection!”

The others had already seen the Sacred Phoenix Reflection when Huang Yueli advanced previously so they weren’t as shocked as Huang Siluo was.

But they went nearer to Huang Siluo and asked curiously, “Madam Bai, you said this was the Sacred Phoenix Reflection? What’s that?”

Huang Siluo still hadn’t regained her senses from the shock so she took several deep breaths and said, “You don’t understand. In God Realm, geniuses are segregated into several levels. From top to bottom, they are distributed into the following grades respectively. God grade, heaven grade, earth grade, human grade, and ordinary grade. Among them, ordinary grade geniuses are equivalent to Soaring Heavens Continent’s eighth grade talent.”

Hearing that, Cang Po Jun and Cang Po Yu’s complexion turned pale.

The reason was that Cang Po Yu was an eighth grade talent whereas Cang Po Jun wasn’t even eighth grade In God Realm, they were at the lowest rank of the ordinary grades.

They had not expected that the peerless genius with eighth grade talent in Soaring Heavens Continent was the lowest leveled ordinary grade in God Realm…

Huang Siluo didn’t detect their abnormality and hurriedly explained, “In Sacred Phoenix Race, ordinary grade practitioners with impure bloodline in our branches would appear. As for the direct descendent clansmen, the lowest would be human grade and for slightly nobler bloodlines, they would reach earth grade. But only geniuses of heaven grade and above would reveal the Sacred Phoenix Reflection during advancement!”

Hearing that, the group all sucked in the cold air as they weren’t able to regain their senses after a long time.

Much later, Liu Buyan opened his mouth and asked softly, “So, Junior Sister is considered as a heaven grade genius in God Realm?”

The few of them weren’t even fit to be ranked in God Realm and they were nobodies in ordinary grade. But Huang Yueli actually possessed such a high innate talent!

As compared to this, it made them realize just how minute they were…

But when Huang Siluo heard their words, she merely shook her head and spoke subtly, “It’s not like this…”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Luckily, their gap wasn’t as wide as they imagined. They indeed should not scare themselves…

“Although heaven grade geniuses can transform the Sacred Phoenix Reflection during advancement, it would just be a faint visual image. None of them would be called out by such a large and lively Sacred Phoenix Reflection spirit like Lass Li, which is a few meters long!”