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Chapter 2706: This is Embarrassing (1)

Under the urgent situation, he pulled Huang Yueli into his arms once again and used his loose sleeve to cover her body.

The group of people ran to Li Moying and saw a bump in his clothes. A young lady’s face was buried on his shoulder, revealing a little bit of her neck’s fair skin. The pitch-black long hair hid half of her flushed face.

“Sov… Sovereign… This Subordinate…” Cang Po Jun called out when he ran near. After he took a clear look, he stood rooted to the ground in astonishment.

Cang Po Yu’s reaction was much faster than his. He quickly pulled him back and said, “Sovereign, this… This Subordinate is done wrong… you… this… please have a good rest. We… we will move to the side to rest and recuperate first…”

Even though he took a glance, he could tell that the young lady in Li Moying’s arms was Huang Yueli!

Moreover from their ambiguous posture, one could tell that they were doing some adult activity.

Although they didn’t know what was going on or how the dead could come back to life, at least he knew that they would run into bad luck if they spoiled Sovereign’s matters!

Cang Po Jun also realized that and instantly turned around to leave.

But Liu Buyan was extremely tactless. After he took a clear look at the young lady who was in Li Moying’s arms, not only did he not back off, he even ran up to them.

“Junior Sister, Junior Sister! Is it really you? You’re… you’re still alive?” He agitatedly gazed at Huang Yueli’s side view and even stretched out his hand to her.

Li Moying snorted coldly and released a powerful burst of suppression, instantly forcing Liu Buyan to retreat.

Liu Buyan’s complexion turned slightly pale, but he did not leave. His gaze was still on Huang Yueli’s face.

She laid tightly on Li Moying’s chest, with a bashful and angered look. She had already scolded Li Moying several hundred times in her heart!

Beast! Lecher! Shameless!

He had such awry thoughts at a ruined place that was in shambles! Not only did he get touchy, but he also refused to let her wear her clothes! Now, wasn’t it great! They had been seen by other people! That includes her father and mother, who had bumped into this scene!

Embarrassing! It was really too embarrassing!

Huang Yueli gritted her teeth and couldn’t wait to take a bit on Li Moying’s face!

But Liu Buyan and the others were by the side. She couldn’t bite him because the current situation was already embarrassing enough…

In this kind of situation, Huang Yueli would be easily embarrassed. But Li Moying’s skin was very thick. He did not feel embarrassed at all.

Being intimate with his wife was a natural thing. It shouldn’t be embarrassing for him. Instead, it should be embarrassing for those people who had interrupted them!

He hugged the young lady’s waist tightly and lazily shot a glance at the group.

“Father-in-law, Mother-in-law, Li’er is fine. But when I discovered her, she wasn’t wearing anything so… can I trouble you to step away first?”

Bai Liufeng and Huang Siluo were still standing in a daze when they discovered that Huang Yueli was still alive. Until now, they were still shocked.

Hearing Li Moying’s words, Huang Siluo hastily said, “Yes, yes, we’ll wait by the side.”

Saying that she pulled Bai Liufeng’s sleeve to the side.

Li Moying swept Liu Buyan a glance and didn’t say a word. But his intention was obvious. He indicated with his eyes to ask him to scram!

Liu Buyan felt extremely unhappy over this!

This fellow, why was he so irritating? Li Moying was hugging his female goddess and showing a complacent look. Was he intentionally infuriating him?