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Chapter 2705: Rise From the Ashes (7)

He held Huang Yueli’s chin and kept leaning nearer, wanting to kiss her.

However this time, Huang Yueli’s reaction was much faster. She lifted her hand and put it against his mouth.

“You… you’re really enough! What kind of timing is this now and you’re still… still talking about these! Her face flushed red and she stammered, “What… what is going on? Didn’t my primordial spirit merge with yours completely then? Why didn’t I die? Also, we are currently in… this is still the Northern Ice Fields? Then what about the blood moon in the sky?”

She tried hard to look solemn and tried to interrogate Li Moying.

He licked his lips and his seductive blossom eyes sparkled slightly as he looked at her. “Let me hug you first, then I’ll tell you…”

In front of the charming man, Huang Yueli instantly lost her senses.

But she quickly reacted and smacked the man’s hand which was on her butt. “Stop the nonsense and tell me clearly!!”

Li Moying knew that she was angry and didn’t dare to tease her any further. He frowned and said, “This… don’t you have any impression of it at all? To tell the truth, I can’t understand it more than you! The situation then was extremely anxious and after my primordial spirit merged into one, as my cultivation rose swiftly, I lost consciousness from it. By the time I regained my consciousness, I had already advanced successfully. But I could no longer find you…”

“Just at this moment, I saw Huang Zhanxiao making his move on your parents and they were at risk. I recalled your last words and couldn’t care about anything else but to save them first! After I dealt with Huang Zhanxiao, the Blood Moon Great Array was on the verge of breaking down so the entire Snow Phoenix Palace was about to collapse. We…”

He swiftly did a brief recount of what they went through.

Huang Yueli heard his words carefully and slowly frowned which made her look even more bewitching.

“Strange, according to what you said, the Sky Phoenix Ring appeared in the middle of the sky and also merged together as one. After that… the last that appeared… wasn’t an ancient God Relic, but… me?”

Li Moying nodded his head, “That’s exactly what I saw.”

Huang Yueli seemed to have thought of something as she muttered to herself, “Surely not right? Could it be that… what I saw before I became unconscious was… was all true?”

Li Moying was stunned, “What did you see?”

Huang Yueli was just about to say something when suddenly, a flustered shuffle of footsteps was heard from their backs.

“Sovereign, Sovereign? Where are you?”

“Sovereign, please come out quickly! Blue Profound Sect can’t do without you!”

“Li Moying, you coward. Surely you’re not intending to escape reality through death right? Quickly come out now!”

“Stinky brat Li, where’s the said explanation that you promised me? Where are you hiding right now? Don’t think that I will forget about it. If you don’t explain Lass Li’s matter clearly, no matter where you hide, I will dig you out, even if you’ve gone underground!”

The crowd cried out anxiously, which made Li Moying awake from the shock.

He loosened his grip on the petite body in his arms, lifted his head, and was just about to say something.

Suddenly, they heard Li Moying shouting, “Quickly look! There’s someone there! Quickly go take a look!”

The group of them ran over to their side.

Everyone was ninth stage realm peak high-leveled practitioners and their movements were extremely fast. It only took a couple of breaths when they had already jumped into the deep pit, running towards Li Moying.

Li Moying then realized that the young lady in his arms was completely naked, so it wasn’t suitable for her to meet anyone.