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Chapter 2707: This is Embarrassing (2)

Earlier when Li Moying was prepared to commit suicide, Liu Buyan was touched by his words for a moment.

But now thinking back about it, he found himself extremely naïve!

As the saying went, disaster would last for a millennium, so how would Li Moying possibly die so easily?

Liu Buyan clenched his fists tightly and gauged their strengths. But in the end, he could only silently admit defeat as he followed behind Bai Liufeng and the others to leave!

When Huang Yueli heard the crowd’s footsteps getting further, she lifted her little head and turned around, looking to the left and the right.

Li Moying saw her cautious little fox’s look and couldn’t help but laugh.

Huang Yueli saw him laughing, and her eyes shot a death stare at him. “Laugh, laugh, laugh! How dare you still laugh! It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault!”

She was so angry that she clenched her teeth, and her voice shook. But in Li Moying’s ears, it seemed like a melodious sound of nature.

He gave a conniving smile and touched her smooth long hair. “Okay, okay, okay, it’s all my fault. My dear wife, please don’t be angry with me, alright?”

Huang Yueli met his starry eyes, and her heart quivered. She couldn’t stand this gaze from Li Moying the most.

In the romantic, charming eyes, it always reflected her alone…

Li Moying stared at her for a moment, and his gaze slowly grew deep and he leaned closer and closer to her…

Huang Yueli just realized it and pushed him, “You… don’t talk rubbish. Quickly find me a set of clothing!”

Li Moying felt extremely disappointed when he saw the pouty pink lips that he was about to kiss leaving him!

He silently sighed and let go of Huang Yueli. “Looking for your clothes? Where do I go to find clothes for you? Don’t you have any clothes in your interspatial ring?”

Huang Yueli said, “My interspatial ring had been ruined in the blood pool. Everything in the interspatial ring had gone missing! Not to mention clothes, many of my ninth-tier Profound Armaments are also gone!!”

She pouted her lips gloomily for a moment then suddenly lifted her hand and grabbed Li Moying’s lapel, “That’s right, take off your clothes and give it to me!”

Li Moying was stunned, “what? But I’m only wearing this piece…”

Back then, when they were in the Sky Phoenix Ring getting intimate, Huang Yueli stripped off his outer gown. Even for his inner clothing, she also undid the buckles. Luckily she did not totally remove everything. Otherwise, he would be naked just like her.

She stared at him fiercely, “You’re a man. You won’t freeze to death if you don’t wear any clothes! Quick, do as I say and strip!”

Li Moying’s eyes widened as though he was seriously shocked. He trembled and stepped backward, “You.. what are you trying to do to me? Are you intending to use force on me again!”

Huang Yueli’s willow brows rose, “Are you going to strip or not?”

Li Moying said while lowering his eyes, “Strip, I’ll strip… I didn’t say I won’t strip…, but you’ll have to be gentler to me later…”

Saying that he lifted his hand and started to undo the disc buckles. While he undid it, he looked at her with a pitiful gaze.

That look was exactly like a young lady being coerced by a gangster.

Huang Yueli saw his look and was exasperated!

After Li Moying passed his shirt over, she immediately grabbed it and said, “Alright, you can scram now!”

He seemed as though he could not stand seeing her angry look. He shamelessly stuck himself to her, “Li’er, this is a man’s clothing. You won’t know how to wear it, let me help you!”