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Chapter 2704: Rise From the Ashes (6)

She could not breathe so she could only stretch out her hand and push the man’s muscular chest, hoping that he would let go of her.

However, Li Moying hugged her even tighter. That powerful strength was simply unlike what a human had.

Huang Yueli sensed the aura emitting from his body and her mind flashed past a thought: Li Moying’s primordial spirit should have merged totally, right? His current ability… seemed even stronger than his past life by several times! This… what was this realm?

Finally, when she was about to suffocate, Li Moying let go of her.

Huang Yueli’s face had already flushed red and she lifted her head to take in gasps of air. At the same time, she looked begrudgingly at the man in front of her.

Li Moying pinched her chin and used a warning look to stare at her. He said the following word by word, “You’re not allowed to say ‘dead this word! Never ever say ‘dead’ in front of me! Do you hear me? Next time I hear that word, I won’t care what the occasion is, I will immediately lie on top of you and do whatever I want to do!”

“What… What are you saying? Do whatever you want to do?” Huang Yueli was slightly confused and she looked innocently at Li Moying.

That pure and innocent look made Li Moying’s lower abdomen’s flame spiral up in an instance!

Especially when he thought about the young lady in his arms. They were just inches from each other and her curvaceous figure and the obvious curvy soft body was lying tightly in his arms. That fair, silky skin was under his palm and he only needed to reach out a little to feel her…

Li Moying’s gaze turned extremely profound and dangerous.

Huang Yueli instantly was alarmed and subconsciously followed his face and lowered her head…

“Ah—! Ruffian! Where are my clothes? You, you, you… you actually… actually took off my clothes!”

Huang Yueli instantly cried out loudly!

Li Moying looked at her flushed cheeks and his mood suddenly turned wonderful.

Under her bashful smile, all the pain and suffering and all the torments that he went through were insignificant…

Li Moying’s hand brushed past her smooth back and his lips curled upwards into an evil smile, “I stripped your clothes off? You must have remembered wrongly? Why do I recall that you were the one who coveted my beauty and took the initiative to take off your clothes and sat on me? I risked my life to resist and you even drugged me! Tsk tsk, that was my first time! After you finished devouring me, you actually turned tables! You tell me, what action is this considered as?”

Huang Yueli was flabbergasted as she was totally stunned by his false account of the true facts!

“I… I’m not… when did I…”

“You’ve never done that? You didn’t strip my clothes off, and you didn’t force yourself upon me? And you didn’t drug me? Which sentence did I say is wrong?” Li Moying continued to be calm and unruffled.

Huang Yueli’s head buzzed and she couldn’t say a single word at all!

Because everything Li Moying said was true, and that was what’s terrifying about it!

Thinking back about the scenario earlier, she couldn’t imagine what enticed her to do that, to be able to do such a thing!

If it wasn’t for the urgent situation, she… she definitely wouldn’t have done it…

However, no matter what she said, it was the truth that she had already done it so she could not deny it at all!

Li Moying saw her palm-sized face turning red and white which looked so unfathomable. She couldn’t help but find it funny.

“See, you have nothing to say to it too right? Since you’ve already done it, then you must be responsible!”