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Chapter 2703: Rise From the Ashes (5)

“Li’er… my Li’er…”

Li Moying flew towards Huang Yueli’s side like an arrow as he knelt onto the ground. Stretching out his trembling fingers, he placed them on her wrist.

Her pulse was extremely weak. Even to an amateur like Li Moying, he could tell how frail her body was. But she was after all… still alive!

Li Moying carried her up and locked her tightly into his arms, as he started to tremble!

He assumed that he had already lost Huang Yueli. But he had not expected God to treat him so well. Li’er came back to life for him!

Nothing was more shockingly joyous than getting something back that one had lost!

For that instance, Li Moying thought that he was still in dreamland. Happiness came too suddenly. Only by hugging Huang Yueli tightly in his arms would be able to sense a little bit of realism…

Li Moying hugged her body tightly, and buried his face into her neck, feeling her weak pulse and temperature.

Not knowing how long had passed, he suddenly felt the still, petite body suddenly shaking.

Li Moying seemed as though he awoke from the dream and looked at Huang Yueli with his wide eyes. At the same time, he lifted her face gently.

“Li’er, you… are you awake? You… earlier you moved right You really moved, am I right?”

Huang Yueli leaned against his robust arms and her long lashes shook slightly.

Li Moying saw that and he felt extremely excited. But he did not dare to make a sound, deeply afraid that he might worry the little fox in his arms.

He waited silently and patiently. Huang Yueli finally opened her eyes after a long time.

Her eyes were still hazy, “I… cough cough… What happened to…”

Huang Yueli was shocked by her voice when she spoke!

Was that her voice? Why did it sound like a male duck’s voice? It was so hoarse that it sounded terrible!

When Li Moying heard her voice, he went wild with ecstasy and hugged her tightly, “Li’er, you… you’re really awake! You’re really still alive! I… I really… I’m really too happy… I’ve never been so afraid before. I prayed so many times to God… you’re still alive, that’s great, it’s really great…”

His eyes were red and he almost couldn’t help but tear up.

Huang Yueli blinked and looked blankly at his excited look. She took a long time to recall before she remembered the events that happened before she lost consciousness.

But the events that happened after they consummate were done when she was half-conscious. So even she couldn’t remember what happened exactly.

She could only remember the scene between them in the Sky Phoenix Ring.

At that time, she felt that she was almost going to die…

But now, why did she come back to life again?

Could it be that the both of them were already dead, hence they were now in Hades?

Thinking of this, she abruptly regained consciousness. Stretching out her hand, she pulled Li Moying’s lapel and asked anxiously, “Moying, you… are you alright? We’re now in… where is this place? We… we’re already dead—mm mmph!”

Before she could finish her sentence, her lips were blocked by li Moying’s thin lips.

“Mm mmph—!!!”

Huang Yueli did not expect this man to kiss her suddenly.

Moreover, he even kissed so hard, as though he was about to swallow her!