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Chapter 2674: Primordial Spirit Unites (2)

“No, no way. Li’er, get off me! Get off me right now! We really can’t…” Li Moying was still resisting.

He could sense the young lady sticking close to his body and the sweet fragrance had occupied his breathing…

If it wasn’t for the fact that his determination was strong enough, he would have lost his rationality long ago.

Huang Yueli’s slender fingers undid his disc buckles to reveal that perfectly sculpted muscular line. She couldn’t help but touch him a few more times.

Her eyes were wide open and she kept caressing his skin with a curious and amazing look. Li Moying couldn’t help but shout.

“Li’er, please, I beg you to stop! We really can’t do that… other than this, I will promise you whatever you want…” He started to sweat profusely, and his handsome face flushed a deep shade of red.

Huang Yueli’s finger slid down and she couldn’t help but pinch him.

“Can you stop screaming like a young lady who is being molested! Those who aren’t sure of the situation would think that I’m bullying you!”

Li Moying did not feel pain from being pinched. Instead, he felt very warm, so warm that he was about to burn.

“You… aren’t you coercing me in this way? I already said… no!”

“Even if you say no, we will still proceed!” Huang Yueli barked and put on a straight face.

Li Moying was shocked by her fierce words.

This stance, it seemed that he and Huang Yueli’s roles were reversed?

He had only heard of those perverts coercing young ladies and this was the first time he ever heard of a man being… molested…

Just that moment of hesitation left his shirt being torn off by Huang Yueli. His upper body was completely exposed.

Li Moying looked horrendously at that pair of white, small, and beautiful “beast claws”. It kept pinching and poking around which left his entire body in pain.

Just as Huang Yueli’s little hand was moving downwards, Li Moying’s brain suddenly exploded and his entire body seemed to be burning.

He used his last bit of consciousness to bite hard on his tongue!

The intense pain and bloody taste in his mouth allowed him to gain back a little bit of rationality.

“Li’er, stop fooling around. Take it that I’m begging you… Even if you return me that part of my primordial spirit, I will not live alone! If you die, there’s nothing left for me to live for! I only want to accompany you in death!”

Huang Yueli stopped her actions and lifted her head to look at him in an extremely earnest expression. “Why is there no meaning? Moying, have you forgotten? Fourteen years ago, when we first met, I asked you what was your greatest wish then? You said that you wanted to climb the art of cultivation’s peak to become a genuine peerless strong exponent. You will devote your entire life to pursuing even higher cultivation and have no regrets to do so! Originally, I was the one who dragged you down…”

She lifted her hand and started to caress him starting from his jaw and her eyes were filled with tenderness.

“Moying, even without me, don’t you have your cultivation? Although I will not be able to stay by your side in the future, my primordial spirit will be inside you! When you regain your ability to become Soaring Heavens Continent’s strongest top exponent, you will break through the tenth stage realm and the space barrier to ascend to God Realm. I will always be in your consciousness, staying by your side… So you can’t die, and you won’t die. You need to help me finish my unfinished path of cultivation…”