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Chapter 2675: Primordial Spirit Unites (3)

When Li Moying heard her words, it was akin to a sharp blade slashing on his heart. It seemed to be slicing it into pieces and it kept bleeding.

He clenched his teeth and furiously shook his head, “No, impossible! Keep dreaming! Why should I listen to you, why should I finish your unfinished dream! Do you think you know me very well? Forty years ago, I was lying to you! That time I wanted to woo you and wanted to cultivate together with you. That’s why I came up with that lie to deceive you! I thought that you wanted to hasten your cultivation and would choose me to be your dual cultivation partner!”

He spilled out his dark little secret and Huang Yueli’s eyes opened wide in surprise. But she instantly gave a bright smile.

“So it’s like this… No wonder that day, you showed me the god grade dual cultivation manual. I thought that you were wooing me because of cultivation, and asking for dual cultivation. I was wrong…”

That year, when Huang Yueli just got to know Li Moying, she had once been attracted by his peerlessly handsome outlook and incomparable innate talent. But not too long later, Mu Chengying showed her a god grade dual cultivation manual and also told her that he wanted to become Soaring Heavens Continent’s Number One Top Expert.

Huang Yueli was extremely furious then because she assumed that Mu Chengying was trying to find a dual cultivation partner with great innate talent, and that was why he wooed her.

This impression lasted for many years and it was until her reincarnation when she completely changed her perspective.

She had not imagined that the truth behind this was actually like this…

The powerful, aloof and unsurpassed Sovereign Mu was once shy when he was young. Hence he did not dare to speak out his avid affection for her directly…

Moreover, it was Huang Yueli who said she only had cultivation on her mind and did not have any interest in love. Hence Mu Chengying said that to gain her good books but in the end, it made things worse.

Thinking of this, the smile on Huang Yueli’s lips grew deeper. She lowered her head, kissed the side of Li Moying’s lips, and said, “I was wrong. We wasted so many years and now we can finally double cultivate! Although the environment here isn’t the best, at least we can finish up your wish from forty years ago.”

“Go away! Who wants to double cultivate with you! I will absolutely not listen to you, do you hear me! If you die, I will go to Sacred Phoenix Race to kill every single person, then commit suicide to accompany you! I will still die, and I will die immediately! Do you hear me!”

Li Moying kept hooting with all his might, hoping to conceal the huge terror that was overcoming his heart!

He knew that Huang Yueli was serious. Once she decided on something, no one could stop her!

Whereas under Li’er’s charm, he practically had no resistance at all!

In order to let Huang Yueli come back to life, he had spent so much hard work and had long disregarded his own life and death! His only wish is for his Li’er to live happily!

But now, Huang Yueli wanted to let him see her soul and spirit dispersed and scattered once again!

Moreover… it was to save his life!

Li Moying felt that he was about to go crazy. His heart was in so much pain that he could not breathe. He wished that he could die immediately!

At least, he would die in front of Huang Yueli.

She slowly walked in front of him, and before he had even reacted, she blew something on his nose and mouth.

A strong fragrance instantly mixed into his breathing.

Li Moying was stunned, but it was too late!

A strange fiery sensation arose in his body!