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Chapter 2673: Primordial Spirit Unites (1)

However, she had already made up her mind, so she was unfazed. No matter how much Li Moying shouted, or how much assurance he gave, she did not release the restraint on him.

Li Moying was both angry and anxious and he shouted, “Li’er, what is the point for you to do this? Even if… even if you return the primordial spirit to me, I might not necessarily escape. Perhaps I might still die. Your sacrifice has no meaning at all!”


Huang Yueli shook her head and was about to say something.

Just at this moment, the ground suddenly emitted another tremor. Moreover this time, the tremor was much more vigorous than the previous and it lasted longer as well.

The soft mud on the ground shook so much that it jumped up and dropped down.

Huang Yueli didn’t sit properly and she lost balance. Then she fell right on top of Li Moying.

After some time, the tremors started to subside and the space regained its usual peace.

However, a deep and long crack appeared on the medicinal farm and it split into two. Many medicinal herbs on the farm were uprooted!

“Li’er, are you alright?” Li Moying looked worriedly at Huang Yueli.

She propped herself up and patted the mud off her body.

“I’m fine, but from the looks of it, the Blood Moon Great Array’s might has already surpassed our imagination. Perhaps it wouldn’t even take more than two hours before this place would completely collapse… we have to grab hold of time!”

Huang Yueli whooshed up from the ground.

Li Moying lifted his head and looked at her.

Huang Yueli stretched her hand into her collar and undid the disc buckles on her chest, one after another.

Very soon, she removed the dirty outer clothing, and immediately, she started to take off the inner clothing.

A moment later, she was only left with a faint yellow tight-fitting undergarment.

Li Moying’s eyes widened and the young lady’s curvy figure appeared right in front of him in a half-concealed form. That alluring curves and her fair and tender skin were enough to make any man go insane in a second!

But above all, Li Moying was feeling terrified and furious!

“Li’er, you… you’re not allowed to do that. Quickly dress up! A lady taking off her clothes in front of a man casually, you… whatever next!”

Huang Yueli looked at him and was not affected by his words. On the contrary, her lips curled into a mesmerizing smile. “I’m not taking off my clothes casually in front of any man, but in front of my husband… shouldn’t you be happy to have such a passionate wife?”

“…” Li Moying couldn’t say any words of rebuttal!

Happy? If he could be together with Huang Yueli, he would never sacrifice her life for it. If they weren’t in such a dangerous situation that might cost their lives right now, he would be more than willing to do so now.

But now, he really could not be happy at all!

Huang Yueli used her hand and slashed some saint spring water on her face to wash away the mud. Then she turned and walked towards Li Moying.

Her figure was very nice and she walked in an extremely graceful and elegant manner which was mixed with innocence and sexiness.

Li Moying kept warning himself multiple times that he should not fall for Huang Yueli’s honey trap. Although his mind was thinking of that, his eyes did not listen to his brain and he kept ogling at Huang Yueli’s chest.

It was until Huang Yueli bent down and pressed herself against him when Li Moying finally woke up from his daze.