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Chapter 2672: Do you want me? (2)

“Moreover, we… we’re still in such a dangerous place now. It’s better… better for us to think about how to escape first. We can wait… until we leave the place.”

Li Moying suppressed the little unregulated claws on his chest, not allowing her to move about randomly.

Huang Yueli’s action took a pause but very quickly, she leaned close to him again. This time, she even stuck close to Li Moying’s chest.

“Moying, do you really believe that… we have a chance to escape?” Huang Yueli’s face rubbed against his neck and blew a puff of warm breath against his chest. It was extremely ambiguous.

But the things she said made Li Moying’s heart jolt!

His fists clenched tightly and loosened. Then he spoke in an extremely peaceful tone, “Of course we can. We will definitely find a way. I don’t believe that we will die in this place.”

Huang Yueli kept shaking her head and whispered, “No, you don’t need to say these to comfort me. I know clearly that it’s impossible for us to leave this place safely. Now there’s still slightly over an hour before you will be thrown out of Sky Phoenix Ring whereas I can stay here a little longer. But I can’t go anywhere else. The result would be to return to the blood pool. Even though I have found a few pieces of Profound Armament in the Sky Phoenix Ring, but just relying on these things would merely allow us to die a little slower, and not truly escape…”

Li Moying’s hand trembled and his complexion turned extremely pale.

How would he not know all these? He only did not want to make Huang Yueli worried.

But as long as there was a chance of life, he would do his best to allow her to live a little longer. He would use his entire life to protect the young lady!

“You.. don’t let your thoughts run wild… there’s, after all, a little bit of time left. Let’s think of a way together…”

Li Moying attempted to persuade her but Huang Yueli shook her head and interrupted him.

“There is a way. Moreover, it’s the only way. You know it too, don’t you?”

Li Moying felt his heart thumping wildly, as an ominous premonition arose!

Please don’t let Li’er think of what he was thinking, absolutely don’t let it happen! Don’t…

But the next thing that Huang Yueli said, totally shattered his imagination.

“Moying, it’s impossible for the both of us to escape unscathed. If it was like now, we can only choose to die in the blood pool together and even our corpses will be missing! But if one of us sacrifices, then there’s a high chance that the other will be able to survive, isn’t that so? Isn’t this deal very simple? Just one person dying is better than both!”

Huang Yueli said that serenely.

Her voice was very soft and her tone was very peaceful. But Li Moying was appalled to hear that. The blood in his body started to freeze.

“Li’er, you… what are you talking about? Who said that one person dying was better? That would depend if the other person is willing to continue living! Without you, I… what’s the point of me staying alive? Li’er, don’t… don’t do anything silly, I will not allow that!”

Li Moying struggled to get up so that he could stop Huang Yueli’s following actions.

But he realized in terror that Huang Yueli had once again used the control over Sky Phoenix Ring to restrain his meridians, rendering him immobile.

“Li… Li’er, let go of me! Listen to me, let me go!” Li Moying shouted exasperatedly.