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Chapter 2671: Do you want me? (1)

Li Moying went into a daze. When he saw Huang Yueli about to cry, he became flustered.

Luckily, Huang Yueli was agitated and forgot to use the Sky Phoenix Ring’s might to restrain his movements.

So when Li Moying realized that he could move, he immediately held Huang Yueli into her arms and caressed her black and shiny hair. Then he comforted her softly, “Li’er, don’t let your thoughts run wild. There’s really nothing wrong with me! It’s just that my potential could not match up to the past. What’s important is that we can be together and that matters more than anything else!”

She hugged his waist tightly, very tightly. It was so tight that it pained the injured Li Moying so much that he felt that he almost could not breathe.

However, he didn’t say a word or try to struggle free. Instead, he hugged her tightly and said, “Li’er, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have kept this from you. But I really don’t mind it at all! Anyway, don’t I still have you? Then you can protect me!”

Huang Yueli buried her face into his chest, as she felt that she could not control her tears and it was about to flow.

Don’t mind his lack of ability?

No genuine genius practitioner would not mind their lack of ability.

To a peerless genius like Li Moying, that was even more so!

Li Moying had placed a lot of emphasis on his cultivational ability in his past life. Other than spending time with her, he spent the rest of his time cultivating and was one of the strongest practitioners in Soaring Heavens Continent.

This kind of man… actually said that he did not mind the lack in his ability!

How was that possible?

He wasn’t the kind of person who did not mind his ability, but… he cared more about her!

Huang Yueli’s heart was moved but she was also full of guilt. She rubbed against Li Moying’s chest and suddenly made a decision.

Using her hand to support herself against the ground, she sat up and looked at Li Moying. Then she smoothed her hair and said softly, “Moying, you… do you want me?”

Li Moying was stunned as he looked at the young lady who straddled on his waist. That pair of alluring eyes kept twinkling. Her palm sized face was fair and exquisite, and her skin seemed as shiny as porcelain.

His adam’s apple slid up and down and he felt his voice turning a little hoarse. “Li… Li’er, what are you… talking about?”

Huang Yueli repeated herself once again, “Moying, do you want me or not?” This time, her tone was much firmer.

“You… what joke are you cracking!” Li Moying jumped up after he understood what she said, “Do you know what you are saying!”

Huang Yueli pouted and said, “Of course I know. We’ve already been married for so long but had not consummated our marriage. Moreover, you’re not impotent. Then… don’t you want me? Or could it be that I’m not attractive to you at all?”

Li Moying heard his beloved little fox’s sweet voice and he felt a little ticklish as though a little kitten was scratching his heart.

A flame scuttered inside his body and he spent a great deal of effort to suppress it.

“Li… Li’er, don’t… don’t joke around with me! It’s already this kind of timing, you… can we don’t talk about this?”

Huang Yueli’s hand slowly moved up to his chest and asked, “Why can’t we talk about this?”

Li Moying gulped and attempted to talk logic to her. “You… you also saw from the remnant pages that if we were to consummate, it would be too dangerous for you. I.., I can’t afford to take this risk.”