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Chapter 2668: So, you’ve been hiding this from me (8)

Hearing that, Li Moying’s heart thumped wildly!

He simply did not expect that he had already diverted Huang Yueli’s attention. But after such a long time had passed, she actually remembered that scroll again!

She pouted her lips and muttered to herself, “That’s strange, it was just right here earlier? Could that scroll be left behind by the previous owner? Perhaps there might be some useful content inside? Moying, did you see a golden-coloured scroll? It’s around… this long?”

Huang Yueli came out with a length with her two index fingers.

Although Li Moying felt extremely uneasy, he put on a calm look on his face. “What scroll? I didn’t notice anything like that.”

When Little Phoenix who was hiding in the corner heard that, he almost spat out a mouthful of blood But he could only stay silent in the darkness.

Shameless, too shameless! Only scums like him could tell lies without batting an eyelid!

Huang Yueli frowned suspiciously at first. For a second, she assumed that she had remembered wrongly.

However, after she surveyed the surroundings, she realized what had happened and she looked at Li Moying warily.

“Moying, you… you really didn’t see anything? I don’t think I remembered wrongly. That golden-coloured scroll is just too eye-catching. Earlier it was still here, so how could it suddenly disappear in front of my eyes?”

Speaking of that, she recalled that when she wanted to pick the scroll earlier, it was Li Moying who suddenly called her. That was why she changed her mind and walked into the hall.

Huang Yueli was such an intelligent and crafty person so she instantly understood that Li Moying must have a problem!

That scroll was something she had not seen before. So most likely, it must have dropped out from his realm ring. Furthermore, he intentionally resorted to trickery to not let her see it…

Although Huang Yueli had absolute trust towards Li Moying, she knew that he would not possibly harm herself. But a woman’s intuition had already told him that the scroll’s content was extremely important. The most important thing was she must try to find a way to see it for herself!

Huang Yueli lifted her head and met Li Moying’s eyes. “You took the scroll away? Why?”

Li Moying attempted to act dumb. “Scroll? What scroll? Li’er, it’s not time to be concerned about some scroll, isn’t it? We don’t have much time left, so we’d better discuss our next course of action…”

“I’m asking, you, where’s the scroll? Why must you hide it and not show me the contents?”

His attempts at diverting the topic aroused Huang Yueli’s suspicions.

She grabbed Li Moying’s collar and asked, “Where’s the scroll? Are you going to hand it over yourself, or do I have to do a body search!”

“Li… Li’er, don’t be like this…” Thoughts swiftly raced past Li Moying’s mind as he thought about ways to shift the scroll away.

All Profound Armaments would lose their effectiveness in the Sky Phoenix ring. What ways could he come out with, to evade his little fox’s intelligent eyes? Perhaps he should just seal her meridians and try to stall for time?

Li Moying was still considering what to do when suddenly, he realized that his body was frozen and he could not move at all.

“Li’er… you… this…” He looked at Huang Yueli in shock.

Huang Yueli sneered and said, “I forgot to tell you that I’m the owner of the Sky Phoenix Ring! Everything in the ring is controlled by my will! I just need to use my thoughts and if I don’t want you to move, you will not be able to move. So forget about coming with any tricks in front of me!”