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Chapter 2667: So, you’ve been hiding this from me (7)

Helpless, Li Moying could only let Cang Po Yu seal the scroll up with a sealing array pattern and put it away.

In order to prevent Huang Yueli from accidentally flipping through this, he had been keeping it in his realm ring.

He originally thought that this method would be foolproof.

Huang Yueli wasn’t those kinds of petty ladies who loved to flip through her husband’s personal items so she would definitely not find out about the secret that he kept from her.

But no matter what, he had never expected that one day, his realm ring would lose its effectiveness and all the items he had would appear in front of Huang Yueli.

Luckily his reaction was swift enough!

Li Moying was feeling grateful secretly and he stretched out his hand to hold the scroll. Then he secretly pulled it towards his body and hid it in his sleeve.

After completing these, he finally let down the heavy rock in his heart.

Little Wang Cai had not left and when he saw Li Moying’s suspicious movements, he couldn’t help but shout, “Big Demon Lord, you… you’re doing this intentionally! Why have you hidden that scroll? Is it a love letter that other women have written for you? How dare you betray my Female Devil! I’m going to tell her! Female Devil—!

Little Wang Cai was just about to shout.

Li Moying’s expression changed abruptly and he shot a look at him. At the same time, the Profound Energy suppression in his body was unleashed!

“Shut your mouth!”

“You…. oof!”

Little Phoenix was so suppressed that he could not even breathe. His eyes were filled with unwillingness.

However, Li Moying’s bloodline was from the ancient Cloudy Qilin Clan so it originally had a suppression over Little Phoenix’s bloodline. Moreover, Li Moying was innately powerful and overbearing. So, Little Phoenix could not resort to any trickery in front of him.

No matter how unwilling he was, it could only shut its mouth and slink to a corner dejectedly.

Li Moying then retraced his Profound Energy. With his eyes half-closed, he worked up his cultivation method, and coordinating with the medicinal effect of the pills that he had swallowed, he started to self-recuperate.

After a quarter of an hour later, Huang Yueli hastily ran out from the hall.

“Moying, Moying, are you feeling better?” She ran to Li Moying and touched his face gently.

Li Moying slowly opened his eyes.

Although he was feeling terrible, he did not let it show. A smile surfaced on his face and he appeared extremely composed.

“I’m much better, how about you? Have you found anything of use?”

Huang Yueli gave a soft sigh and said, “There are things of use but unfortunately, there’s not much effect! She placed all the medicinal pills in her arms on the ground “These are medicinal pills which are used for restoring blood essence. The quantity’s quite a huge amount but absorbing the medicinal effect requires some time. We can’t eat everything at one go! Just based on such little medicinal effects, it simply cannot be compared with the speed of the Blood Moon Great Array absorbing our blood essence!”

Saying that she took out several Profound Armaments. “These few Profound Armours are ninth tiered treasures. Although there’s not much use against the Blood Moon Great Array, it’s better than nothing. Put these all on. At least you will be able to sustain a little longer in the array!”

Saying that she took a pair of wrist guards and wanted to put it on for Li Moying.

Li Moying hurriedly took the wrist guards and said, “I’m feeling much better. Let me do it on my own! You’d better put on a few pieces of Profound Armour as well.”

Huang Yueli nodded and said, “I know.”

She picked a jadeite rhino skin female-styled armour and put it in herself. Then she clasped the belt and adjusted it.

Turning around, she saw that Li Moying had already put on the wrist guards.

She smiled satisfactorily and looked at the ground again. Then she gave a puzzled look. “Hmm? That’s strange. Where’s the scroll that I saw earlier?”