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Chapter 2669: So, you’ve been hiding this from me (9)

Li Moying kept shivering!

He assumed that although he was injured, his ability was much higher than Huang Yueli, so he would still make her listen to him.

But no matter what plans he had, he totally forgot about this point!

In front of Huang Yueli, the acknowledged master of the God Relic, no matter how much ability he had, she was still able to make it listen to her commands.

“Li… Li’er, listen to my explanation. Will you listen to my explanation, please? You… don’t come over first…” Li Moying put up his last struggle.

However, Huang Yueli refused to listen to his sweet nothing and just did a body search on him. Not too long later, she found a golden coloured scroll on him.

On the scroll was a sealing array pattern that was personally drawn up by Cang Po Yu.

Ever since she reunited with Bai Liufeng, Huang Yueli’s array skills improved dramatically under his guidance. So decoding this array pattern was as easy as lifting a finger.

She decoded it within two or three tries and unravelled the scroll.

Huang Yueli could not wait as she took a clear look at the contents. Just then, her eyes opened with shock.

“This is… the remnant pages of the ancient scroll <> and these few pages are related… related to the Art of Split Soul! Where did you get these remnant pages from? Why didn’t you show it to me?”

Huang Yueli questioned him but did not get a response.

Li Moying knew that he would be unable to stop her and was extremely dejected. He shut his eyes and took several deep breaths.

Huang Yueli wasn’t expecting him to answer so she continued to read the contents in the pages on her own.

The first few paragraphs on the remnant pages were related to the Art of Split Soul’s history and execution method. She had already seen these in her dreams when she took Liu Buyan’s Soul Scattering Pill previously. Hence she wasn’t too surprised and read through it quickly.

But when she came to the last two pages, her fingers trembled.

“This… this… this is related to the remedy for Art of Split Soul! So there’s no way to cure the missing primordial spirit!”

Huang Yueli swiftly read through the entire portion and cried out in surprise.

It was clearly stated on the remnant pages. For primordial spirits which had been split up through the Art of Split Soul, two parts of the primordial spirit would be distributed between two people and there was a way to use it completely. But it required both parties to be in complete harmony before their primordial spirits could merge as one.

To a pair of lovers, this state wasn’t too hard to achieve. As long as the both of them consummate, their primordial spirits would be connected.

The minute they connected, the portion of the primordial spirit that was given out would be attracted by the original owner and do its best to return to where it should be. Then it would merge with the owner’s primordial spirit.

Li Moying grew anxious because he knew that his biggest secret had been exposed.

He opened his eyes with a helpless expression. “This isn’t considered a remedy! Moreover, this is something that the later generation people assumed, based on Saint Iniquitous Shadow’s notes. No one can guarantee that this method will be effective. Speaking of this, perhaps it was something that the later generation people fabricated…”

“Fabricate? I don’t think so!” Huang Yueli gave a stern expression and said, “If it’s fabricated, you and my Senior Brother would not join hands to lie to me, telling me that you have a problem in that aspect, hence refusing to consummate with me… So all these things written here are absolutely true, am I right?”

Huang Yueli wasn’t a fool so after she read the contents on the <> and adding on to the fact that Li Moying and Liu Buyan were acting suspiciously, she immediately understood what was going on.