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Chapter 2663: So, you’ve been hiding this from me (3)

At least he was still alive!

Huang Yueli’s eyes reflected a glint of joy. She hurriedly ran into her room and took out several bottles of medicinal herbs from the cupboard.

These medicinal pills were top levelled pills that were great for nourishing blood essence. Although it was not as good as those that Liu Buyan had, luckily she had a huge amount of it. Huang Yueli poured out a big handful of it and stuffed it into Li Moying’s mouth.

However, Li Moying was already in deep comatose and was unable to swallow the pills on his own.

Huang Yueli took a large mouthful of Saint Spring Water, popped the pills into her mouth, and climbed onto Li Moying’s body. Without any hesitation, she slowly fed him the medicine.

After Li Moying took the pills, his face slowly regained some colour and his pulse also stabilized.

Huang Yueli stayed by his side. She wiped his sweat and sometimes fed him medicine. It took a long time before Li Moying finally opened his eyes.

“Moying! You… you’re finally awake!” She pounced towards him and cried tears of joy!

“Moying! You… you scared me to death! Woo woo woooo…”

She hugged Li Moying’s waist, then burying her face into his chest, she started to sob!

She had never been so scared in her entire two lifetimes!

Even when Li Moying almost died because of his Soul Detachment Illness, she firmly believed that she would find a way to save him!

But this time, she had nearly given up hope, thinking that Li Moying would not be able to come back to life!

After Li Moying regained consciousness, there was a moment when he totally could not recognize where he was.

But when he saw his little fox sobbing on top of him, he subconsciously wanted to hug her, “Li’er, don’t… don’t cry…”

He had just opened his mouth, and he discovered that his voice was extremely hoarse. Moreover, just a slight action of lifting his hand made his entire body ache.

This feeling…

The memories before he slipped into unconsciousness began to return back to his mind. Li Moying shivered and grabbed Huang Yueli’s hand. “Li’er, we… where are we? We’re not dead? Who saved us?”

He wasn’t like Huang Yueli, suspecting that he had become a spirit artifact. That was because he did not know that he was inside the Sky Phoenix Ring!

“This time, we’re really lucky! It’s Wang Cai who saved us. We’re now inside the Sky Phoenix Ring…”

Huang Yueli swiftly explained everything in brief on the current situation.

When Li Moying heard that, he heaved a sigh of relief, “So it’s like this. Looks like our luck is not bad! Under this kind of dire situation, we managed to escape the calamity! Li’er, you’re my lucky star.”

He blinked the rippling peach blossom eyes and gazed tenderly at Huang Yueli.

Although his face was deadly pale with dark eye rings which made his face haggard from the loss of blood essence, there was no change to his handsome countenance. Moreover, he had a kind of exclusive look that reflected that he had been through many vicissitudes.

Huang Yueli felt her face turning red. “You can’t say that. If it wasn’t for the fact that you were helping me to save my mother, you wouldn’t have met with such a fatal crisis…”

Li Moying grabbed her little hand and was just about to say something…

Suddenly, the skies gave off a “rumble” sound. It seemed as though a stroke of lightning was striking down on their heads. The Sky Phoenix Ring also started to shake.

However, the shaking stopped quickly, and Sky Phoenix Ring resumed back to its original peace.

But Huang Yueli and Li Moying’s expression turned grave.

“This… Sky Phoenix Ring, doesn’t seem… very safe?”