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Chapter 2664: So, you’ve been hiding this from me (4)

Huang Yueli raised her voice and called, “Wang Cai, Wang Cai! Come out here for a while!”

Little Wang Cai hurriedly ran out with his short legs and looked worriedly at Huang Yueli. “Female Devil, you… are you alright? Ah, Big Demon Lord is awake!”

When Li Moying heard this salutation, he frowned slightly. But as he had just come back to life, he did not have any energy to argue with a little brat.

Huang Yueli beckoned to Little Wang Cai, telling him to come closer. Then she asked, “What’s going on earlier? Could it be that although the Sky Phoenix Ring is a valuable ancient God Relic, it still isn’t enough to resist the Blood Moon Great Array’s might?”

Little Wang Cai played with his fingers and said with a stammer, “This… actually I’m not very sure! That year when the Sky Phoenix Ring was still in the previous Master, this was just a mere demon tribe’s array that was incapable of causing any damage to it. But after the Sky Phoenix Ring fell into Soaring Heavens Continents, it was inflicted with serious damage and was destroyed! Other than the main piece that you have with you, three other shattered parts are currently missing. Although your bloodline is compatible with the Sky Phoenix Ring, there’s no way for it to display the original power that it had in ancient times…”

Huang Yueli immediately understood what was going on after his explanation.

But immediately following that, she thought of a crucial point and her heart jolted.

“So to speak, the Sky Phoenix Ring really cannot fight against the Blood Moon Great Array? We can’t stay here for too long, is that right?”

Little Phoenix nodded his head and said, “Right. As the Sky Phoenix Ring’s power is insufficient, there’s no way to totally isolate you and Big Demon Lord’s presence, so the Blood Moon Great Array could sense your blood essence/ Hence it kept attacking the Sky Phoenix Ring! Once a crack appears in here, both of you will be thrown out! By then, I will not be able to save you for a second time!”

Huang Yueli frowned and exchanged a glance with Li Moying.

Although they were mentally prepared that hiding in Sky Phoenix Ring’s space wasn’t a long-term plan, they would need to think of other ways if they wanted to escape unscathed.

But according to what Little Wang Cai was saying, their situation was far worse than what they had imagined. It could simply be said that the layer was thin like ice. No one could tell when the Sky Phoenix Ring would collapse.

Little Wang Cai saw them keeping silent and he carefully shot a look at Huang Yueli. Then he said, “Moreover… there’s something… ughh!”

Huang Yueli questioned relentlessly, “What else is there? Don’t hem and haw, just say it outright if you have something to say!”

Little Wang Cai took a look at Li Moying and said, “Logically speaking, the Sky Phoenix Ring could only allow the Master’s body to enter the space, and Big Demon Lord isn’t supposed to come in. I don’t know why he could smuggle in so I’m assuming that it might be due to the special spiritual connection that both of you have? After all, he is not the Sky Phoenix Ring’s Master. So even if he manages to come in, he can only stay for two hours. When the time is up, if he doesn’t leave, he will suffocate to death.”

Huang Yueli yelled at him, “What? There’s something like this!”

To her, this news was just too devastating!

She had finally saved Li Moying, and she assumed that they had turned their misfortune around. But whoever knew that Li Moying could only stay in the Sky Phoenix Ring for two hours max!

What could they solve in just a mere two hours?

Li Moying’s injuries were not light. With this bit of timing, it wasn’t even though to administer basic treatment, not to mention others!

Even if Li Moying could recover his health, Sky Phoenix Ring was still at the bottom of the blood pool right now.