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Chapter 2662: So, you’ve been hiding this from me (2)

Huang Yueli was stunned. “What? I’m inside the Sky Phoenix Ring? But hasn’t my blood essence been sucked dry by the Blood Moon Great Array? Can my primordial spirit be attached to the Sky Phoenix Ring after my death? Then what have I become? A spirit artifact like you?”

Little Wang Cai went into a short blank and said, “Female Devil, are you confused? You can’t even tell if you’re still a living being or a spirit artifact? You’re in the Sky Phoenix Ring, but with your physical body!”

Huang Yueil’s eyes grew wide in disbelief.

She spread out her hands and put them in front of her. After taking a good look, she pinched her thigh…

“What the, I can feel the pain!” She was pleasantly shocked. “How did this happen? Isn’t it common knowledge that only spirit artifacts can enter the Sky Phoenix Ring?”

If it wasn’t like this, when she was being pursued by Lord Zhan, she would have thought of different ways to enter the Sky Phoenix Ring.

Although it was a God Relic, it could not accommodate her body. Hence she could only try her best to escape.

Little Wang Cai frowned and a solemn expression appeared on his little round face. It looked strangely adorable.

But Huang Yueli was not in the mood to notice that. She was listening to him seriously.

“This… I don’t know either! In the past, only spirit artifacts could enter the Sky Phoenix Ring. But that was because it was in first grade! Later on, as you advanced with <>, the Sky Phoenix Ring was also upgraded. Perhaps it had unknowingly gained this function. Earlier when I saw you and Big Demon Lord were about to die, I… I had no other choice but to use this method to see if I can bring you in. In the end… it succeeded!”

Huang Yueli’s eyes lit up.

The Sky Phoenix Ring’s various functions were something that she did not have time to research yet. After all, she did not hold any information about God Realm’s top rated God Relic. Moreover, the Sky Phoenix Ring was still short of three other parts. So Huang Yueli wasn’t sure if these could be materialized.

She only knew that the outer courtyard’s medicine farm and spring water could be used to cultivate crops. Every time it upgraded, the cupboard in the room would appear high levelled medicinal pills and manuscripts.

She had not expected the Sky Phoenix Ring to take effect and saved her and Li Moying…

Thinking of this, she turned around and looked everywhere. But she could not find Li Moying anywhere.

“Didn’t you say you’ve saved Moying? Where is he?”

Little Wang Cai pouted and gestured at the door with his head. “I threw Big Demon Lord in the courtyard. He’s too stinky, I can’t let him come in!”

As the little phoenix’s bloodline was suppressed by Li Moying, he would act like a mouse whenever he saw him. The big demon lord had been bullying him every single time.

So this time, he was afraid of his Master getting hurt so he forcibly saved them. However, he left Li Moying on the medicinal farm.

Huang Yueli understood what he was thinking about. Shaking her head helplessly, she got up and walked out.

Li Moying was indeed lying beside the Spirit Saint Spring. His tall figure laid limp on the ground, crushing several stalks of valuable medicinal herbs.

As his injury was much more serious than Huang Yueli’s, it could be said that he was pulled back from the brink of death. So even if he was inside the Sky Phoenix Ring, he would not regain consciousness so quickly. His brows were still furrowed and he was still not moving at all.

Huang Yueli walked over and tried to check his pulse. She discovered that although Li Moying’s pulse was relatively weak, there was still a slim chance of survival.