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Chapter 2612: Sacrificial Ceremony (3)

“What should we do now?” Liu Buyan asked.

“This…” Bai Liufeng was about to say something when his gaze suddenly turned towards the front right corner. His pupils constricted rapidly and he revealed an extremely astounded expression.

The others were stunned and they looked in the same direction too.

The Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners slowly moved back, leaving a path in the middle.

Lord Zhan’s figure slowly appeared from the Blood Moon Great Array.

Today, he didn’t put on that demonic ghost mask so his phoenix patterns on the sides of his cheeks were even more striking, as though it was about to burn up.

He took a few steps and suddenly stopped. Turning his head around, he looked in the direction where they had hidden.

Huang Yueli and the others were shocked. Sweat started to profuse from their foreheads and they subconsciously shrunk back, deeply worried that their whereabouts would be exposed.

Although their hiding spots were rather obscure, Lord Zhan’s ability was outstanding. His appearance could make anyone feel alarmed.

Luckily, Lord Zhan merely looked around for a moment and turned around to leave.

Liu Buyan heaved a long sigh of relief, “Phew…. I was shocked. I thought we had been exposed so quickly!”

Cang Po Yu was rather composed, “There’s no need to worry. I’ve sewed an invisibility array on our clothes and as long as he is 500 meters away from us, we will not be found so easily.”

“Although the truth is indeed like this, who knows what secret skills do these ancient God clans have? Perhaps they are able to see through your array?” Liu Buyan was still worried.

At this moment, Bai Liufeng suddenly opened his mouth and interrupted their conversation.

“Look, Huang Zhanxiao took a left turn. Let’s hurry up and follow him!”

The group crept stealthily behind him.

They saw Lord Zhan walking through the crowd and walked along a corridor. Then he made a few more turns before stopping in front of a large bronze door.

There were several Sacred Phoenix Race practitioners standing guard outside.

When Lord Zhan made his appearance, all of the practitioners bowed respectfully towards him.

Lord Zhan merely nodded his head coldly and walked right in.

Immediately following that, the door closed behind him.

“Almost everyone has gone to attend the Sacrificial Ceremony but there are so many guards here. There must be a problem! Looks like my mother is most likely locked up at this place!” Huang Yueli looked around and said softly.

Bai Liufeng nodded his head and expressed affirmation, but he immediately started to frown again.

“That’s right, Siluo should be locked up here. But what is Huang Zhanxiao intending to do to Siluo at this kind of timing? Could he be preparing to bring Siluo to the Blood Moon Great Array?”

Bai Liufeng was originally a steady person but when he thought of Huang Siluo possibly being exposed to impending death, he started to grow anxious. He almost dashed in to save her.

But Li Moying was standing by the side and quickly held him back, “Father-in-law, don’t be hasty. The time for the Sacrificial Ceremony isn’t up yet! Let’s observe for a little while longer and decide later. If we forcibly break in right now, Lord Zhan might just hold Mother-in-law hostage. By then, we’d be caught in a fix.”

His words made absolute sense and Bai Liufeng had nothing to refute it.

So even if he was burning with anxiety, he could only force himself to calm down and wait for Lord Zhan to appear once again.

Time slowly passed by.

Every breath to Bai Liufeng seemed as long as a century.

Finally, just before he lost his patience, a “click” sound was heard and the bronze door reopened once again.