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Chapter 2611: Sacrificial Ceremony (2)

The entire group followed right behind Bai Liufeng and infiltrated the palace along the route which they had pre-determined earlier.

Snow Phoenix Palace’s guards had indeed lessened. There were only a few of them and they kept gazing around, not being attentive at all.

As this was the first time Bai Liufeng and the group took this route, the guards had never met with anyone’s infiltration previously, hence they were not worried at all.

The group of them cleared a few guards and successfully arrived on the second floor.

They had just taken a few steps and all of them showed a grave expression.

“This…. what a strong stench of blood!” Huang Yueli wrinkled her nose in disgust.

Li Moying muttered, “Is this same floor where we were trapped previously? That floor where the Blood Moon Great Array is located at?”

Liu Buyan nodded his head, “That’s right, it indeed is this area. But we could only smell the blood stench when we were trapped in the Array. As long as we leave the boundary of the array, we won’t be able to sense any abnormality. Today… is indeed a little strange.”

Bai Liufeng spoke gloomily, “The last time you entered this place, the blood essence that the Blood Moon Great Array collected still wasn’t enough. Now, the energy in the array is already overflowing! Moreover, in today’s Sacrificial Ceremony, Lord Zhan will be using a huge amount of energy in the Blood Moon Great Array so that’s probably why he has already relaxed the restrain on the array’s surrounding.”

He gave a simple explanation and said, “The Sacrificial Ceremony will be held in the Blood Moon Great Array. So the location where Siluo is being locked up should be somewhere nearby. Everyone, please pay attention to the neighboring situation. Other than that, everyone please be very careful. The Sacrificial Ceremony will be starting soon, so all of Sacred Phoenix Race’s clansmen will be making their way here progressively.”

When they heard that, all of them perked up 120% of their concentration as they moved forward cautiously.

Not long later, everyone realized that there were more and more Sacred Phoenix Race practitioners gathering here.

If Bai Liufeng and Huang Yueli weren’t familiar with Snow Phoenix Palace’s internal mechanisms, they would have exposed their whereabouts long ago.

But these practitioners were all bearing somber expressions so they moved along hurriedly without exchanging conversations between them.

An austere and mysterious atmosphere slowly spread out in this quiet and spacious palace hall…

Bai Liufeng and the others also slowed their pace as they tried to use their gazes or hand gestures to interact. Unless there was no choice but to talk, they would also suppress their voices.

As they moved forward, the blood stench in the air also turned stronger and stronger. Even Li Moying who had the most determination also felt slightly disgusted.

At this moment, Bai Liufeng showed a hand gesture indicating for everyone to stop.

“What’s the matter?” Liu Buyan stuck his head out to take a look and instantly had a great shock, “Wow, there’s so many people!”

Many Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners crowded around the Blood Moon Great Array as they just sat on the floor.

All of them were talented fire attributed practitioners and when the Profound Energies in their bodies seeped out, they mutually attracted and tangled together, forming a powerful energy field.

Even though Liu Buyan and the rest were a distance away, they could still distinctively feel the heat coming from them.

Cang Po Jun frowned and muttered in a low voice, “Oh no, why are there so many people here!”

Bai Liufeng replied softly, “Although Sacred Phoenix Race has already started to decline, they were still one of the God clans that had the most number of people in Soaring Heavens Continent. Moreover, God Clan’s practitioners have excellent innate talents. After they come of age, many of them can cultivate to ninth stage realm. In that way, they would already be able to live until a few thousand years old.”