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Chapter 2613: Sacrificial Ceremony (4)

In the spacious and luxurious secret room, all four corners were placed with Divine Dream Sandalwood and were burning quietly.

The surface was laid with a thick carpet, which absorbed the sounds of footsteps.

The room was frighteningly quiet, with practically no presence of a living person.

Lord Zhan slowly walked to the back of the room and stopped, “Third Sister, the Sacrificial Ceremony is about to start. About two hours later, it will be your glorious moment to sacrifice yourself for the Sacred Phoenix Race. Are you… prepared?”

Hearing that, Huang Siluo who was sitting on the couch and cultivating with her eyes shut, suddenly opened them.

She shot a gaze at Lord Zhan and her eyes were cold and distant. There were no emotional fluctuations from her at all.

Huang Siluo didn’t reply to him and Lord Zhan didn’t think too much of it. He just took a seat opposite her and said, “Third Sister, don’t blame This Seat. Our branch was originally the most aristocratic branch of the Sacred Phoenix Race. Several thousands of years ago, we had many Clan Leaders and genius practitioners within the clan. If we hadn’t run into bad luck, to be trapped in this ghastly place by the demonic qi, we wouldn’t end up in this state. Our manpower had greatly decreased and the top experts have practically dropped to zero.”

“In the past ten thousand years, there are too many talented and powerful clansmen who weren’t able to ascend to God Realm. They could only be trapped in this Soaring Heavens Continent and die of regrets. Breaking through the space barrier and opening the pathway to ascend to God Realm isn’t just This Seat’s wish, but every single clansman’s wish!”

Huang Siluo was still showing him an extremely cold look.

Hearing such a shameless piece of speech, she wasn’t angered at all. Instead, she gave a dim reply, “I know Eldest Brother’s intentions, there’s no need to say too much.”

Lord Zhan saw her indifferent look and his brows twitched. He walked a little closer and stood right in front of Huang Siluo.

“Third Sister, you’re still blaming me! Think back to the past, when you were still young, you liked Big Brother the most. In the past ten thousand years, Sacred Phoenix Race had found it hard to have children. After Mother gave birth to me and your Second Brother, she took another twenty years before giving birth to you. Back then, you don’t even want to be with Father, just tagging along behind me. Wherever I go, you will always be there. Sometimes, I can’t even cultivate at all…”

“If it’s possible, Eldest Brother is really unwilling to sacrifice you. But as Sacred Phoenix Race’s Holy Maiden, this responsibility is something that you need to take up, for the sake of all our clansmen! Eldest Brother… is unwilling to part with you…”

As Lord Zhan talked, he seemed as though he was touched by his speech. His eyes were slightly damp.

However, Huang Siluo remained silent with a cold look in her eyes.

Lord Zhan had not expected her to be so aloof and a sinister look flashed past his face.

“Siluo, what’s the matter with you? When you were young, didn’t you admire Eldest Brother the most? Haven’t you sworn that you do your best for the revival of Sacred Phoenix Race? Since when did you start to change? Have you been brainwashed by that fellow from the human race? If I knew you would turn out like this, I shouldn’t have listened to you that year. I shouldn’t have allowed you to head to South Sky Region to go on experience learning after you were officially conferred as our Holy Maiden! You are a part of the ancient God clan, but you were taken advantage of by a lowly…”

“Shut up! You’re not fit to talk bad about Liufeng!”

Hearing Lord Zhan humiliating Bai Liufeng, Huang Siluo’s gaze finally reflected a change.

She stared at Lord Zhan furiously and said in a cold voice, “There’s no need for you to put up a pretense, so reminisce on the past!”