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Chapter 2610: Sacrificial Ceremony (1)

Hearing this piece of news, everyone bustled with excitement.

This meant that it was almost time for their final action!

Bai Liufeng’s emotions undulated as he couldn’t control himself. He stood in a blank for a while and finally heaved a long sigh. “This day has finally arrived…. After the sacrificial ceremony, it’s either we succeed in saving Siluo and have a family reunion, or…. The two of us will die in Snow Phoenix Palace…”

He waited for a long time for this day.

To tell the truth, before the final act officially kicked off, he had already been making plans for the worst-case scenario.

Huang Yueli frowned and walked up, “Father, what are you talking about. Mother will reunite with us, so don’t keep talking about death, alright? This time, we have made a lot of preparation work so we will definitely succeed!”

Indeed, the group had made ample preparations in the past month.

Bai Liufeng didn’t conceal the truth or intentionally hide anything from them. Instead, he shared all the information he had consolidated on Sacred Phoenix Race, asking all of them to remember it by heart.

This was the first time Huang Yueli realized what kind of object was the space barrier that Lord Zhan wanted to break through.

In simple terms, it was something that happened during the Great God Realm War. When those Life Soul Realm strong exponents fought, they accidentally leaked demonic qi to the mortal world.

To prevent the demonic qi from harming God Realm’s practitioners, those remaining Life Soul Realm practitioners purged the demonic qi after the Great God Realm War.

Demonic qi had started to spread in Heaven and Earth and when it came into contact with the Continent where humans resided, it formed a space barrier, enveloping the Continent within.

As demonic qi had been diluted, the influence on humans’ existence wasn’t huge. But it had an adverse effect on the concentration of Heaven and Earth’s Profound Qi. At the same time, it also blocked off the link between the Continent and God Realm, causing practitioners unable to leave the Continent.

In reality, other than Soaring Heavens Continent, many other Continents were facing the same predicament.

Besides this, all the fine details related to the Sacrificial Ceremony were also recorded in the scroll that Huang Siluo had passed to Bai Liufeng.

With this information, they had more certainty when they entered the Snow Phoenix Palace.

On hearing what Huang Yueli said, he also recollected himself and said, “That’s right, it’s Father’s fault. I shouldn’t be saying such depressing things! The Sacrificial Ceremony will be held on the third day after Snow Phoenix Palace had fully ascended to the surface. We have to grab hold of time tightly and verify the next step to execute.

Hearing that, everyone hurriedly crowded around him.

Three days later.

Bai Liufeng led the whole group of six, including himself, close to Snow Phoenix Palace carefully. They infiltrated into the place through the indications on the map.

Even before two of Sacred Phoenix Race’s practitioners had realized, they were already knocked unconscious by Cang Po Jun.

“Very good, we’ve successfully infiltrated this place!”

“It’s just like what Junior Sister said. The external defense deployment of troops is indeed much weaker…” Liu Buyan took a look at his surroundings and sighed with emotions, “I remember the last time we entered this place, there were at least seven guards around this area!”

Bai Liufeng nodded and said in a deep voice, “That’s right. The Sacrificial Ceremony is Sacred Phoenix Race’s most important ceremony. The Holy Maiden will be sacrificing herself. Moreover, this is an event that happens every hundred years, so all the clansmen must be present. If we weren’t in a rush, these two guards would also have gone to attend the Sacrificial Ceremony in the underground level.”

“So that’s why.”

Bai Liufeng took a deep breath and said, “Alright, we don’t have much time. Let’s take action right now!”