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Chapter 2609: She already knows (6)

Li Moying approached her slowly and pulled her into his arms once again. He said softly, “Li’er, I don’t feel uncomfortable anywhere now, so let it be if it can’t be cured.”

“But your cultivation…. You haven’t been able to breakthrough. It surely is a kind of torment to you!” Huang Yueli said with a tinge of sorrow.

Li Moying looked at her and a smile appeared on his lips, “I know you would say that. You don’t need to worry about me. Even if my cultivation cannot be heightened, but I can master a few more Profound Skills so I’d still be able to protect you. Or are you saying that after your cultivation surpasses me, you will slight your husband with disdain?”

“Ah? How is that possible? I won’t possibly look down on you!” Huang Yueli’s eyes popped out as she furiously shook her head.

Li Moying chuckled softly, “Really?”

“Of course!” Huang Yueli nodded her head vigorously, “No matter what your cultivation is, the person I like is you! Don’t worry, if there comes a day when my ability is much stronger than you, I will definitely protect you!”

“Then I’m assured. Li’er…” Li Moying’s voice grew deeper as it was laced with a hint of charm.

She looked at the sudden magnified handsome face and her cheeks flushed with a shade of red.

“You… don’t lean over, we… we are talking about some proper matters….” She hemmed and hawed.

Li Moying’s thin lips were almost sticking to her face, “We’re done with the discussion of these matters. Now, should we talk about why you have left your husband in the middle of the night, to come over to your Senior Brother’s room? What punishment should you receive?”

“I… this…” Speaking of this, Huang Yueli started to feel a little guilty.

Plus the fact that Li Moying intentionally turned on his male charm, all she could see was that man’s face. For a second, she forgot all about the other questions in her mind.

Li Moying’s lips curled upwards as he lowered his head and placed his lips on the young lady’s lips.

Liu Buyan was trembling in trepidation by the side, deeply worried that his lie would be exposed by Huang Yueli.

Whoever knew that the incense had just burnt out when the scene in front took a sudden change. The furious Huang Yueli suddenly turned into an appeased little fox. Whereas Li Moying this extremely shameless man, actually used his handsome male trick!

This scene was truly abusing the single dog, Liu Buyan. It made him felt a sour feeling in his heart, not to mention how out of sorts he felt!

“Sh*t, I must have met with a living ghost!” He gritted his teeth, cursed at them, and turned around to leave!

After Huang Yueli and Li Moying sorted out this matter, their relationship took a major improvement.

Originally those misunderstandings that caused them to grow apart were all resolved and both of them resumed back to the original state where one would always be next to each other.

Facing this situation, the unhappiest person was Bai Liufeng.

He had finally found an excuse through cultivation, to snatch his precious daughter back to him. It had just been a couple of days and she was abducted by this stinky brat again?

It was really strange. Just one night was all it took for Li Moying to have his Lass Li all smitten?

Bai Liufeng was feeling upset as he tried to find various excuses to teach Huang Yueli.

Although she verbally agreed, whenever it was nighttime, she would always return to Li Moying’s side excitedly, as they indulged in sweet nothings.

This made Bai Liufeng feeling sour and melancholic.

But he didn’t have much time to be frustrated over this. All his energy was mostly used on cultivation as well as preparation for battle.

A month passed swiftly and in the early morning, Cang Po Jun headed out to check on time. Then he returned with a piece of news.

Snow Phoenix Palace had completely risen onto the surface!