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Chapter 2605: She already knows (2)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Li… Li’er, you…” Li Moying felt shocked as he simply could not express his emotions in words!

He had never thought that Huang Yueli would ever say such a thing to him.

However, she stayed in his arms and her body was trembling slightly. Her intermittent voice broke out, “You… why did you use the art of Split Soul, that kind of… that kind of demonic arts? Heavenly thunder crashing down on your head… so… so it’s so painful… I don’t deserve this, I really don’t deserve this… I didn’t treat you well at all in my past life… sniff..sniff..sniff..”

She started to sob as she started speaking..

Li Moying originally wanted to hug her but he was already terrified. Now, he sensed his shirt being soaked by tears, he was even more flustered that he didn’t know where to put his hands and feet.

He wanted to question Huang Yueli but he wasn’t able to say a single word now. All he could do was pat her back and helped her to wipe off her tears while he tried to coax her.

“Alright, alright, Li’er, stop crying. Please stop crying…”

“You’re worth me treating you so well. You’re worthy of all the wonderful things in this world! It’s my fault. I didn’t protect you properly, causing you to self-explode because you had no other choice. Of course, I need to save you. Without you, what’s the point in living on my own?”

Huang Yueli leaned against his chest and wiped her tears and mucus on his expensive shirt made from ebony silk. After a while later, she seemed to have noticed that as she started to regain her consciousness, returning to the real world.

She raised her head to meet Li Moying’s determined and good-looking face which was fraught with a panicky look. Seeing him with this expression, tenderness filled her entire heart.

This powerful, cool and unsurpassed peerless top exponent would only reveal such tender emotions in front of her.

It was as though all his coldness had collapsed in front of her!

Huang Yueli stretched her hand to touch his perfectly sculpted face and whispered, “The feeling of having your primordial spirit being torn apart is really very painful… you actually managed to persist on… I…. I really…”

When she recalled the experience that she had just gone through, the rim of her eyes turned red and she was about to tear once again.

This feeling… was simply imaginable.

No wonder after her rebirth, she subconsciously sealed up this portion of her memories.

After she regained her consciousness, Huang Yueli finally understood the reason for her to keep dreaming of that scene.

In her dream, she had experienced everything through Li Moying’s eyes.

That was because her current primordial spirit consisted of a portion of Mu Chengying’s, from the art of Split Soul. His primordial spirit was torn apart and given to her.

So, she inherited Mu Chengying’s past life’s memories.

Only thing was, this memory was simply too painful and Huang Yueli only recalled this when she turned frail while trying to break through the realm.

Moreover, following the increasing interaction between herself and Li Moying, the two portions of primordial spirits which had been torn apart were mutually attracting and tugging each other in their bodies. That made the sealed memories slowly surface up…

Li Moying saw Huang Yueli’s eyes turning red as she looked at him without moving. He thought that she was about to cry once again.

He had a big fright and hurriedly pulled her into his arms, hugging her tightly. He even swayed her gently as though he was trying to coax a little child. “Alright, Li’er is the best and the most obedient. Hush, don’t cry! Don’t be afraid, the art of Split Soul just sounds terrifying, but it’s really not painful at all!”