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Chapter 2606: She already knows (3)

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Huang Yueli was originally very sad but hearing his coaxing which he blurted out without careful thinking, she instantly grew furious.

She struggled free from his arms and rose her head as she stared furiously at him. She said, “You.. You… it’s already at this point but you’re still trying to lie to me! I am extremely clear of how painful the art of Split soul is! Did you really thought that you can deceive me?”

“This.. this…” Li Moying wanted to explain but he realized that he couldn’t.

What Huang Yueli said was indeed the truth, but how on earth did she find out about these?

Li Moying’s first reaction was that Liu Buyan had betrayed him!

He instantly shot his gaze towards Liu Buyan, staring hard at the suave-looking man seated in the corner, “Liu Buyan! You…”

He had just started to speak when his wife interrupted her.

His little fox wrested his sleeve and put her hands on his face, turning him around to face her.

At the same time, she spoke with an angry tone, “Li Moying, what do you mean by this? You’ve done something wrong but you’re still preparing to bully my Senior Brother? Shouldn’t you be reflecting on your own mistake?”

Li Moying’s sweat started to drip. In front of his violent wife, he didn’t have any ability to resist her at all so he could only obediently admit his mistake!

“Li’er, I know I’m in the wrong. But, Liu Buyan…”

“Senior Brother didn’t say anything at all!” Huang Yueli started at him and shouted, “I had indeed come here to ask Senior Brother about what happened during that year. But Senior Brother insisted that he had already promised you, so he could not betray you.”

“But, then… then how did you find out about these? You even know… about the art of Split Soul so clearly?” Li Moying couldn’t understand the reason for this.

Huang Yueli said, “Because after you have me a portion of your primordial spirit, there is your remnant memory in my brain. But previously I couldn’t recall this at all. However, ever since I advanced into eighth stage realm, this memory started to become clearer and clearer. Every night I would dream about the scenario back then…”

Li Moying’s expression took an abrupt change!

Huang Yueli had just begun to talk about this and he instantly understood what had happened.

At the same time, he was deeply remorseful over his lack of consideration. It was something so evident, but he had failed to notice it.

Huang Yueli bore a portion of his primordial spirit, so it was only natural for her to share his memory as well! So to speak, his secrets basically couldn’t be hidden from her…

It was only because Huang Yueli did not show any signs of recovering that memory so Li Moying naturally neglected this possibility.

He foolishly thought that he could not allow Huang Yueli to find out about these matters….

“Li’er, I… I’m not…” He opened his mouth once again and his voice sounded even hoarser.

He stopped in the middle of his sentence as he shook his head frustratedly. “Alright, if I say I didn’t hide this from you intentionally, that would be a lie! I indeed didn’t want you to find out about what happened that year. Because whatever had happened is no longer affecting us now. Anyway, no matter what risks I took that year, at least we have a happy ending now, isn’t that so? The two of us are finally able to become husband and wife in this lifetime. We will stay together happily and lovingly. As for the past matters, let’s just forget about it!”

Huang Yueli stared at him and her expression sank, “Is that so? Does it really not affect you?”

She understood Li Moying very well.

The more he emphasized that he was not “affected”, it actually meant that it was “affecting” him.