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Chapter 2604: She already knows (1)

In the end, Huang Yueli still spent the entire night in his room….

What was he aiming for then?

Liu Buyan was feeling extremely vexed!

However, Li Moying was extremely upset now and he totally didn’t listen to what he was saying. His surrounding Profound Energy was rising and he was about to strike out!

Liu Buyan stared anxiously at him and he was calculating how many chances of success did he had if they were to fight?

Although Li Moying’s cultivation couldn’t be compared to his past life’s peak due to his primordial spirit being split, it was still enough to give him a beating.

Just as Liu Buyan was burning with anxiety, a cry suddenly came from the chaise lounge.

Li Moying was stunned and immediately turned to look at Huang Yueli.

The young lady was perspiring with sweat and her brows were knitted tightly. She laid on the chaise lounge as she kept moaning softly. But her clothes were intact, totally not bearing any signs of being violated.

Li Moying subconsciously loosened his grip onto Liu Buyan.

The latter immediately pushed him aside.

Li Moying couldn’t be bothered about him as he swiftly walked over to Huang Yueli’s side and asked anxiously, “Li’er, Li’er, what’s wrong with you?”

Huang Yueli looked extremely painful and her eyes were shut tightly as she kept muttering to herself, “No… don’t… don’t….”

“Don’t what?” Li Moying leaned in a little closer, trying to hear what she was saying. Unfortunately, she was speaking a little too vaguely so he couldn’t tell at all.

Li Moying could only turn his head towards Liu Buyan, “What exactly happened? Why did Li’er turn out like this? What did you do to her last night?”

Liu Buyan was straightening his clothes which were ruffled by Li Moying. He was almost beaten up by him. Although the latter didn’t manage to do so in the end, Liu Buyan had suppressed his anger for a long time.

Hearing his question, he snorted and shrugged his shoulders. “What can I possibly do to Junior Sister? You’re thinking too much! I’ll tell you the truth. Last night, Junior Sister came to look for me, saying that she’s been having the same dream last night. She would dream of herself standing on the tall tower in Levitation Sword Palace and be struck by the heavenly thunder. She doesn’t know what’s going on, so she specially came and asked me.”

When Li Moying heard that he instantly got anxious as he continued to ask, “What? How would she suddenly have this kind of dream? What about you? Did you tell her everything about the past? You made a vow, that you would never reveal what happened that year!”

Liu Buyan said, “I didn’t say anything. I, Liu Buyan, dare to swear to Heaven that I didn’t say anything at all!”

“Then why has Li’er turned out in this state?” Li Moying didn’t believe in his rubbish as he yelled at Liu Buyan.

Liu Buyan intentionally put on a dazed look and said, “How would I know? Junior Sister she…”

He was in the middle of his sentence when Huang Yueli suddenly sat up from the chaise lounge.

“No, don’t, don’t do it, Chengying!! You can’t do that!!” She opened her eyes but as she was still highly strung up, her consciousness was still very blurry. She wasn’t able to tell the difference between the dream and real world.

Huang Yueli opened her eyes and saw Li Moying sitting by her side. She subconsciously linked everything in her dream to the chain of events that had happened till now.

She leaned forward and hugged Li Moying’s waist. Her little face buried right into his chest.

“Chengying, how can you…. how can you possibly do that! I’m not good to you at all, and I don’t deserve you to pay such a high price, just to save me!”