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Chapter 2571: True Sacred Phoenix Race (7)

Lord Zhan was so exasperated that he went into a rage. But Huang Siluo’s expression remained peaceful.

She only opened her mouth to speak after Lord Zhan finished with what he had to say.

“On account of our relationship? Huang Zhanxiao, you’re such a hypocrite! Who doesn’t know that the reason for keeping me alive, is merely to materialize your ambition? When the day comes, you probably can’t wait to kill me with your own hands, right? Moreover, that day is not very far away, isn’t it?”

Lord Zhan was stunned, apparently not expecting her to say such things.

He remained silent for a moment before bursting out loudly, “Looks like after Huang Boyu came to see you the day before, he had already told you many things about the clan, eh? To think that This Seat permitted him to come and see you, just because I believed that he was still devoted to you and that he had fulfilled merits for the clan! I did not expect him to betray This Seat!”

A cold murderous glint flashed past Lord Zhan’s eyes!

Huang Siluo noticed this and her heart was alarmed as she hurriedly explained, “This matter has nothing to do with Boyu! I am Sacred Phoenix Race’s Holy Maiden, do you think that the matters in Snow Phoenix Palace could be hidden from me? In truth, the blood essence which the Blood Moon Great Array had absorbed, is almost there isn’t it? It won’t take many more years before Snow Phoenix Palace would rise to the surface again, right?”

Lord Zhan stared at her for a moment and nodded his head, “That’s right, you indeed know quite a lot of things!”

Huang Siluo sneered and said, “Such a huge matter and you’re still hoping that I don’t know about it? After all, the day when Snow Phoenix Palace had risen to ground level completely, it will be the day when I die! For this day, you’ve secretly plotted this for so many decades, playing with the top exponents in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent for so many years! Even I also can’t help but admire you for this!”

Lord Zhan shot her an indifferent glance. When he opened his mouth again, his tone turned frigid, “Third Sister, why do you say that? I Huang Zhanxiao had never done anything for myself, but for the entire clan! In future, you will be sacrificing yourself for Sacred Phoenix Race, and not for me!”

Huang Siluo looked at his righteous look and her heart slighted him with even more disdain.

“Does Eldest Brother think that I’m an idiot? Ordinary clansman might be deceived by you, but how would I not know your true face?”

She paused and said, “That year, after God Realm’s mixed battle among the different races, it caused Heaven and Earth to undergo a tremendous change. Many Continents and God Realm were separated and formed a space barrier, and Soaring Heavens Continent was one of them. Because of the existence of this space barrier, not only did Soaring Heavens Continent’s Profound Qi became scarce, even when practitioners have cultivated to ninth stage realm peak, they were unable to improve further to ascend to God Realm! Isn’t it all because that you aren’t able to ascend, hence you were trying to find ways to make use of the Blood Moon Great Array to absorb practitioners’ blood essence. Then gathering all those energies, to pierce through the layer of space barrier at one go?”

“After saying so much, isn’t that all for yourself? So why bother to put on a sanctimonious look?”