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Chapter 2572: True Sacred Phoenix Race (8)

Huang Siluo was not convinced by his words. Instead, she started to mock him.

“Huang Zhanxiao, you’re so ridiculous! As our clan’s Holy Maiden, I can lay down my life for Sacred Phoenix Race’s clansman! However, what wrong have the ordinary practitioners in Soaring Heavens Continent done? You set up the evil Blood Moon Great Array to draw so many innocent practitioners’ blood essence. Just how many talented young people have been destroyed in your hands? What wrong have they done? Why should they sacrifice for you?”

“These lowly humans are just serving us, God clans. They are no different from beasts so their deaths are insignificant!” Lord Zhan sneered, “Moreover speaking, if it wasn’t for their Elders who coordinated with me, I wouldn’t be able to bring them over so easily. So in this sense, it’s their fault for not being united enough. What’s more…. once the space barrier is broken through, those human race practitioners’ will be able to break through tenth stage realm and ascend to God Realm. If we put it in this way, they’re the ones who had gained a huge advantage! This Seat is selflessly contributing for them!”

“You… you’re simply incorrigible!”

Huang Siluo was stumped by her own elder brother’s shameless speech. She was so infuriated that her face turned green and for a moment, she totally couldn’t even rebut him at all.

Lord Zhan looked at her and sighed, “Third Sister, why can’t you understand me? Forget it. Those who wish to achieve great ambitions would naturally be mistaken by many. I should have known this long ago…”

Saying that Lord Zhan turned around, “Enough. Since you don’t understand This Seat, then This Seat can’t be bothered to explain any further to you! Just stay here honestly and don’t come out with any tricks! On the day when Snow Phoenix Palace resurfaces to the ground, just fulfill your duty as Holy Maiden properly and that will do.”

“You can forget about me complying with your wishes!”

Lord Zhan shrugged, “That’s not up to you to decide!”

Huang Siluo replied coldly, “Even if the Blood Moon Great Array has stored enough energy, you still can’t possibly break through the space barrier. You will also need to hold the sacrificial ceremony, using the purest blood in Sacred Phoenix Race as a sacrifice, before you can activate Snow Phoenix Palace’s concealed ancient spiritual power! I have the highest innate talent and the purest blood in the clan, and that’s why you want to use me as a sacrifice. But have you ever thought that I don’t have the purest blood after all? Based on my blood, you might not be able to draw out the full strength of Snow Phoenix Palace. You will also need Sacred Phoenix Race’s God Relic, Sky Phoenix Ring as the medium.”

“Ten years ago, you sent your men to attack the Little Palace Lord from Mythical Flame Palace near Lone Sky Summit just so that you can get the Sky Phoenix Ring from her. But in the end, although she died, the Sky Phoenix Ring also disappeared along with her! Without the Sky Phoenix Ring, even if you kill me, or every single person in the clan, you will not be able to attain your motive so stop daydreaming!”

Lord Zhan’s expression remained unchanged when he heard that. He started to clap instead.

“Not bad, not bad. Third Sister, you’re indeed our Sect’s Holy Maiden with the purest bloodline. Even the matter regarding Sky Phoenix Ring is unable to escape your soul trace. But you should have read our secret manual <> right? Back then when the Sky Phoenix Ring was shattered into pieces by the Clan Master from Cloudy Qilin Clan, other than the main piece, there are three other shattered pieces that landed on Soaring Heavens Continent. These three shattered pieces might not be as powerful as the main piece, not to mention that it isn’t even worth mentioning against the complete piece of Sky Phoenix Ring that year. But it still contains boundless power! And I… have already obtained one of the pieces!”