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Chapter 2570: True Sacred Phoenix Race (6)

Bai Liufeng looked out of the window as he stared into the sky, apparently recollecting his memories.

“After I was injured by Lord Zhan, I accidentally discovered Sage Yu Xu’s cave dwelling. After I regained consciousness, I attempted to enter Snow Phoenix Palace once again. Moreover this time, I successfully infiltrated the underground level and met with your mother!”

Huang Yueli was astounded as she asked, “What? Father, you actually met Mother! Then why didn’t you save her then? Could it be that… you were discovered by Lord Zhan?”

Bai Liufeng nodded and continued, “Back then, although I found out the place where your mother was confined, there were too many people guarding that place so I didn’t dare to intrude it abruptly. I found a place to hide and waited for a chance. When nightfall was approaching, Lord Zhan appeared inside your mother’s room…”

He squinted his eyes and said, “Back then, I didn’t know that Lord Zhan is your uncle and thought that he had ulterior motives towards your mother. I just wanted to charge in to save her but whoever knows that your mother greeted him as Brother! This was simply out of my expectations so I was stunned. Whoever knew that their conversation following that, left me in disbelief.”

Huang Yueli and Li Moying secretly exchanged a glance as she knew clearly that Bai Liufeng was finally going to broach the topic which they were most concerned about.

As expected, Bai Liufeng stopped for a moment, as though he had set his mind, then continuing with the story.

The truth regarding Sacred Phoenix Race’s seclusion slowly surfaced.

Five years ago, Snow Phoenix Palace.

“Third Sister, how have you been for the past few days? Do you feel bored? Last month, you kept complaining that you feel bored staying here alone and you want to find a few children to accompany you. I’ve already passed down my instructions to select a few girls under five years old with the best innate talents. They will be sent here in the next few days and acknowledge you as Master. In the future, if you’re bored, you can teach them how to cultivate, to pass your time.”

In the spacious and luxurious room, Lord Zhan stood in the middle with a smile on his dashing face. He looked at the frosty-looking young lady seated on a chaise longue.

Huang Siluo was wearing a cloud silk skirt with exquisite phoenix embroidery. Although there wasn’t any expression on her lucid face, her gorgeous looks and unsurpassed demeanor were unconcealable.

Seeing Huang Siluo keeping silent, Lord Zhan’s brows twitched. However, he forced himself to be patient as he said, “Third Sister, do you feel dissatisfied with anything? Feel free to raise your suggestions. You are our clan’s Holy Maiden and you have a venerable status, so This Seat will absolutely not let you feel aggrieved.”

Hearing that, Huang Siluo shot a fleeting glance at him and let out a cold laugh. “Venerable status? No matter how high my status is, I’m just a puppet and tool in your hand! Huang Zhanxiao, we are biological siblings, so would I not know what you’re thinking of? Why bother to put up a pretense. It’s been so many years. Even if you’re not tired of it, I’ve already gotten disgusted by all these!”

Hearing that, Lord Zhan was unable to put on a taut expression any longer and it grew sinister.

“Ha ha, Third Sister, me disgusting? As our clan’s Holy Maiden, it’s your responsibility to remain celibate! However, you secretly escaped from Snow Phoenix Palace, and even got married to a lowly human race, stepping on the entire Sacred Phoenix Race’s pride under your feet! This Seat didn’t mete out your punishment according to the clan’s rules and even retained your Holy Maiden’s identity for so many years, on account of our relationship! What cheek do you have to accuse me of?”