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Chapter 2565: True Sacred Phoenix Race (1)

But even after they entered the cave dwelling’s internal section and activated all the defensive arrays, they still hadn’t seen a single person from the Sacred Phoenix Race.

Although everyone was slightly puzzled, they were able to relax for a second.

Snow Phoenix Palace.

“Lord Zhan, This Subordinate…. This Subordinate deserves to die! I wasn’t able to chase up to those petty thieves! That wretched lass activated the mechanism too quickly and This Subordinate… This Subordinate isn’t able to catch up to you…..”

The few Sacred Phoenix Race practitioners all knelt in front of Lord Zhan, as there was a terrified expression on their faces.

Lord Zhan was an extremely strict person and although the clan’s practitioners had committed mistakes, they wouldn’t be thrown into the Blood Moon Spell, like those ordinary practitioners like Chi Xiao Jiu. But they would still be punished severely.

Bai Liufeng was a person who Lord Zhan hated the most. Now that he escaped right under his eyelid, it was imaginable just how angry Lord Zhan would be.

“She is just an outsider who secretly infiltrated our place. But all of you have been living in Snow Phoenix Palace for so many years. Shouldn’t you be more familiar with the arrays and mechanisms than her?” Lord Zhan said in a lukewarm tone.

But, it was enough to make every single practitioner terrified. “This Subordinate… This Subordinate has really tried my best, but she… she seems to be even more familiar about Snow Phoenix Palace than us…”

“Really?” Lord Zhan said indifferently.

The practitioners all knelt on the ground and trembled, thinking that they would definitely be punished severely this time.

However, out of their expectations, Lord Zhan wasn’t angry at all.

He waved his hand and said, “Forget it, let’s not pursue after her since we aren’t able to chase up. That young lass is extremely abnormal, even I almost fell into her hands.”

The practitioners had just heaved a sigh of relief when they suddenly heard Lord Zhan speaking again, “But, the three words ‘that wretched lass’, is not something that you can call!” His voice suddenly turned cold, “Go slap yourselves twenty times each!”

The practitioners were stunned as they didn’t seem to understand Lord Zhan’s words. Neither did they understood what they had done wrong.

However, none of them dared to defy his orders so after a short moment, they all started to slap themselves.

After a round of slapping, their cheeks were all swollen as they hung their heads low, still kneeling in front of Lord Zhan.

Lord Zhan’s lips curled into an evil smile, “This Seat asks all of you to slap yourselves and all of you feel very aggrieved? Yes?”

The group of practitioners looked at each other, and finally, one of the bolder ones lifted his head and asked, “This Subordinate doesn’t feel aggrieved, but… but we just don’t understand. That… wretched, no, Young Miss Bai, why is your treatment towards her so…”

“She is our Holy Maiden’s daughter, This Seat’s niece. Is she someone whom you can give a nickname to?” Lord Zhan spoke with a cold face.

They were all stunned and after a moment of silence, they finally couldn’t help but gasp in shock.

“Wh… What? That Young Miss Bai is Holy Maiden’s daughter?”

“How is that possible? Hasn’t Holy Maiden been brought back sixteen years ago?”

“But thinking of this now, that Young Miss Bai and our Holy Maiden…. really look a little alike!”

“Right, earlier I even heard her calling Bai Liufeng Father! Bai Liufeng is the lowly human race who abducted our Holy Maiden that year. But we had not heard that he remarried, so in this case…”

The group discussed this fervently, and finally concluded that what Lord Zhan said was true!

All the various points all lead to the truth that the little lass was the Holy Maiden’s daughter!