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Chapter 2566: True Sacred Phoenix Race (2)

Lord Zhan waited until the discussions have started to die down and raised his hand, indicating for them to keep silent.

“This Seat also realized that when she greeted Bai Liufeng as her father. Although I know that Bai Liufeng and our Holy Maiden were on close terms, This Seat had never realized that they have a vile spawn…. Now…..”

He suddenly stopped and a glint of coldness flashed past his eyes.

The first practitioner who asked the question went into a short daze. But after that, he suddenly asked, “Lord Zhan, if that Young Miss Bai is really…. really Holy Maiden’s daughter, doesn’t that mean that her innate talent and bloodline might actually be the same as Holy Maiden?”

Lord Zhan revealed a smile, “That’s right, it’s exactly so. Moreover, based on the display of her innate talent, she might possibly have inherited Holy Maiden’s bloodline. This…. is perhaps the best news that This Seat has received recently.”

“But didn’t you mentioned last time that the Sky Phoenix Ring was on her…..”

Lord Zhan couldn’t help but burst out laughing, “Heaven is really on our Sacred Phoenix Race’s side. As long as we capture Bai Ruoli, not only can we obtain the Sky Phoenix Ring, moreover, even her blood will aid Sacred Phoenix Race in obtaining our past glory! Furthermore, we don’t even need to spend any effort to search for them. Bai Liufeng is bent on saving Holy Maiden so he will definitely be back here again. By then…. all we need to do is to wait for them!”

Hearing that, those practitioners who knelt on the floor were all enlightened.

“Congratulations Lord Zhan!”

“May Heaven protect Sacred Phoenix Race!”

“Lord Zhan is wise!”

Lord Zhan waved his hand, “Alright, now everyone, go back and prepare yourself thoroughly. Listen to This Seat’s instructions! Next time they dare to enter Snow Phoenix Palace, This Seat shall make sure that they have no way of return! No matter who it is, whoever makes a slip-up and caused This Seat’s plan to fail, then don’t blame This Seat for not taking account of the relationship within our Sect!”

His tone was strict and his voice was chilly which made all the practitioners tremble with fear.

“Yes, Sect Master, This Subordinate will do our utmost best!”

Huang Yueli didn’t know about Lord Zhan’s plan so naturally, she hadn’t found out that she had already replaced Bai Liufeng, to become Lord Zhan’s top target.

She led Li Moying and the others to settle down in Sage Yu Xu’s cave once again.

Liu Buyan personally checked Bai Liufeng’s pulse and used the golden needle acupuncture on him. He also fed him with several medicinal pills.

Four hours later, there was finally some color on Bai Liufeng’s face, but he was still in a lethargic sleep and had not regained consciousness.

“Alright, he should be fine now. Marquis Bai’s internal injury has basically healed, but due to over-consumption of his Profound Energy, that’s why he remains in lethargic sleep. Let him have a good rest tonight, and he should wake up tomorrow.” Liu Buyan kept away his golden needles, as he said that softly.

Huang Yueli breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s great. I’ve not expected Father to be so rash, to charge into Snow Phoenix Palace on his own. Luckily we arrived in time, otherwise, the consequences would be dire.”

The both of them walked out of Bai Liufeng’s courtyard.

Outside, Li Moying, Cang Po Jun, and Cang Po Yu stood at the entrance of the door.

Hearing Liu Buyan saying that Bai Liufeng was alright, they were all able to set their minds at ease.

Li Moying said, “Since there’s nothing much, then everyone should return to your rooms to rest. As for the other matters, we’ll have to wait for Father-in-law to regain consciousness before we can find out more from him.”

Saying that he held Huang Yueli’s hand and led her back to their courtyard.

Huang Yueli was abstracted and she kept flipping around in bed. She just couldn’t sleep.