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Chapter 2564: Emergency support (7)

If Liu Buyan had not passed him an eighth grade medicinal pill, he might have gone into a coma long ago.

But even so, he still wasn’t able to use any strength and had to rely on them to carry him. Otherwise, they would not be able to run away that quickly at all.

Bai Liufeng originally was intending to lead the way for them. But whoever knew that Huang Yueli didn’t give him any chance to show off his prowess.

She didn’t even need to look at the map and could tell her way around accurately. Her response time and speed were so fast that even he, who held the map and had entered the Snow Phoenix Palace so many times, couldn’t be compared to her. Moreover, from the start to the end, she had not committed any mistakes and her rate of accuracy was shockingly high.

Bai Liufeng was extremely shocked because he knew clearly that Huang Yueli had only taken a look at the mechanism distribution map only once!

But every single mechanism or array which were distributed within Snow Phoenix Palace was deeply etched into her mind.

Bai Liufeng looked at her and finally revealed a gratified smile.

She was indeed Siluo’s and his. She was so intelligent and so powerful. She had perfectly inherited the ancient God Clan’s bloodline and innate talent!

The few of them broke through one after another checkpoint, and they finally escaped from Snow Phoenix Palace’s boundary.

Cang Po Jun started to carry Bai Liufeng as he tried to head towards Sage Yu Xu’s cave dwelling.

Huang Yueli hurriedly stopped him, “Guardian Jun, don’t be so anxious. Let’s find a place to hide first. If Lord Zhan sends his men after us and father’s cave dwelling gets exposed, then we will be in deep trouble.”

Cang Po Jun hurriedly nodded his head, as he listened to Huang Yueli’s instructions and found a slightly concealed place behind a snow mountain and hid there.

Their body movements were all outstanding. They also intentionally smoothed out their footprints on the snowy ground.

Cang Po Jun put Bai Liufeng down onto the ground. Huang Yueli and Liu Buyan immediately walked up and checked on his injuries.

When Cang Po Yu saw that, he said quietly, “This Subordinate will go check things out, to see if Lord Zhan and the rest have chased up to us.”

He turned around and left carefully. After a while, he appeared once again, apparently slightly surprised. “Strange, This Subordinate had been observing the situation at a nearby location for some time, but no one chased out from the Snow Phoenix Palace. Moreover, even the outer array had resumed back to its original state. It seems that they are not preparing to come out?”

“How could that be possible?” Liu Buyan’s brows furrowed, “We created such a huge commotion in Snow Phoenix Palace today, and even saved Marquis Bai. Would Lord Zhan let this pass? It doesn’t seem that he is a kind-hearted person, isn’t it?”

“This… I also don’t know, but that’s how it is.” Cang Po Yu replied. “Perhaps, that Lord Zhan had suffered a serious injury after he was sent flying by Marquis Bai, so he couldn’t be bothered to chase after us?”

“But his injury doesn’t seem that serious at all?”

Everyone was slightly astonished as they looked at each other.

After some time, Li Moying opened his mouth, “Forget it, this place is far enough from Snow Phoenix Palace. Since they are not pursuing after us, then they probably really don’t intend to do so. Father-in-law’s injury is very serious, and it’s not good for him to stay in this snowy land. Let’s return to the cave dwelling first.”

The group didn’t have any other alternatives, so they could only perk themselves up. They carried Bai Liufeng on their backs and headed towards the direction of the cave.

On their way there, they were extremely cautious. They kept watching the surroundings carefully in case of any abrupt change, deeply worried that Lord Zhan might suddenly pop out from some corner.