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Chapter 2559: Emergency support (2)

The few of them instantly turned around and ran towards the position which Huang Yueli said.

Their speeds were very fast and within a few seconds, they had already reached their destination. Huang Yueli’s fingers were flying swiftly, as she operated it quickly to open the secret room’s door.

The few of them squeezed into the secret room and just as the door closed, they heard a shuffle of hurried footsteps coming from the corridor outside the door.

Following that was a clamour of discussing voices.

“What’s going on? Why did the alarm suddenly go off?”

“I don’t know, what on earth happened? From the location of the drums, it seems…. To come from the underground level?”

“Could it be that the fellow Bai came again? He was seriously injured by Lord Zhan previously, and had not appeared for many months, isn’t it?”

“Who knows. Stop yapping and let’s hurry and go catch the enemy in the underground level!”

There were at least a dozen of practitioner’s footsteps which moved along continuously. After quite a moment later, silence resumed.

The group in the secret room had astonished expressions on their faces, as they looked at one another.

Li Moying lowered his voice and said, “I thought that it was our whereabouts that had been discovered. Looks like it has nothing to do with us… Instead…. Father-in-law has been discovered?”

Huang Yueli’s expression turned solemn as she instantly stood up, “From what those practitioners said, it’s now very chaotic so if we follow them into the underground level, it should save our time from trying to find the way around on our own.”

Everyone had the same thinking in mind, and they immediately left the secret room. They followed along the disappearing footsteps’ direction and pursued after them.

Along the way, they were extremely cautious and extremely careful. They had always maintained a distance from the other practitioners.

But they were still able to see that there was an endless stream of practitioners who hurried over, towards the same direction.

These practitioners all wore the same uniform, with a Sacred Phoenix totem on the back. It was exactly the same as what she saw in the inheritance tower previously.

Cang Po Yu said, “Looks like, these people are all practitioners from Sacred Phoenix Race?”

Cang Po Jun nodded his head to his question, but he was more concerned about another problem. The Sacred Phoenix Race is indeed an ancient God Clan. The practitioners in the clan have high cultivations. Those people who we saw earlier, their cultivations are no lesser than ninth stage realm and moreover, that shouldn’t be all their strong exponents in Sacred Phoenix Race.”

Huang Yueli subconsciously took a look at the man next to her.

She was clearest on just how powerful the bloodline of ancient God Clan people were. But only she and Li Moying knew about this, in this lifetime.

In reality, Lord Zhan was able to be so powerful probably because he had the cheap advantage of the innate bloodline.

But this also meant that if they wanted to save them later, the opponents who they faced were all very powerful. If it was just Lord Zhan, they were still able to deal with him. But if there are so many ninth stage realm practitioners…..

Huang Yueli thought over this for a moment and said softly, “Guardian Yu, there are so many people in Sacred Phoenix Palace and Snow Phoenix Palace is their turf. It will be difficult for us to gain an upper hand. Later after we found my father and saved him, it’s best that we find a way to retreat and leave Snow Phoenix Palace. You should remember the major arrays inside the underground level right?”