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Chapter 2558: Emergency support (1)

The few of them didn’t wasted anymore time and set off immediately towards the Snow Phoenix Palace.

As Snow Phoenix Palace had already risen to the top, so the main door could also be seen.

But for safety sake, Huang Yueli didn’t brought them in through the main door. Instead they went one round to the back of Snow Phoenix Palace, and carefully activated a mechanism, infiltrating in secretly.

“Where should we start searching?” Liu Buyan followed behind Huang Yueli, asked softly.

Huang Yueli said, “According to what my father said, the place where my mother had been locked up is the most concealed place in the entire Snow Phoenix Palace. So in this way, she should be in the lowest level of the palace.”

Liu Buyan muttered, “The lowest level? The last time we entered this place, the Blood Moon Spell was on the second level. The lowest level… could it be that there’s still another place below the Blood Moon Spell?”

Huang Yueli shot Cang Po Yu a glance and he immediately replied, “That should be correct. Although Marquis Bai had never made it clear, but there were many array maps that he passed to me, and it all leads to the third storey of the palace….”

Liu Buyan couldn’t help but frown, “This…. should we discuss on this, on the best way to go down? The Blood Moon Spell is already so evil and if we proceed to go downwards, god knows what kind of situation will happen? Perhaps there’s something more fatal then the Blood Moon Spell!”

Huang Yueli shook her head, “It’s exactly because it’s dangerous so that’s why we must grab hold of time and go downstairs quickly. I’m worried that something will happen to my father…”

Liu Buyan wanted to say something more but Li Moying had already swept him a cold glance, “If you’re afraid, then you can stay here and wait for us.”

“I…. Me afraid?” Liu Buyan almost jumped up in anger, “I’m telling you, don’t you malign me! How could I possibly be afraid? I’m just…. just…..”

“Enough, stop nagging endlessly, do you know what is called trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous? If you don’t want to stay here and keep watch, then hurry on and catch up!” Li Moying’s voice was heard from the front.

Liu Buyan lifted his head to discover that the others were following behind Huang Yueli, and had already walked a distance away.

He could only chase up to them quickly.

Huang Yueli walked along a corridor, and a large door appeared right in front of them.

The shape of this door looks very familiar. When they entered Snow Phoenix Palace previously, they had already seen this.

She stretched her hand and worked on it for a moment, then pressing down on the handle, she was just about to push the door open when her actions took a halt.

“What’s the matter?” Liu Buyan asked curiously.

Huang Yueli made a hush sign and talked voicelessly, “There’s someone…”

Everyone were stunned and they looked at one another in dismay. They suddenly realised that there should be people entering and leaving Snow Phoenix Palace usually. The last time they entered this place, they had not met with any single person. That was because Meng Wan’er, who brought them in previously, had already colluded with Lord Zhan and he had intentionally cleared the entire underground palace. All that was just to lure them to fall into his trap.

But now, the situation wasn’t the same.

Huang Yueli gestured a sign, indicating the crowd to turn back from their original route.

However, before they had even taken a few steps, they heard the entire Snow Phoenix Palace shaking violently. A ear-piercing alarm immediately rang after that.

Huang Yueli and everyone else’s expressions all changed.

Cang Po Jun couldn’t helped but said, “What’s going on, we’ve been discovered the minute we came in? What should we do?”

Huang Yueli stretched out her finger and pointed to the right rear corner as she whispered, “There’s a secret room there. Let’s go and hide first, quick!”